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Now you can get the free SMS advantages from the well known 160by2 straight from your Android phone. Previously when we did the compilation post on 20 Free Phone Call Online Services, we have readers writing in suggesting if we can showcase a similar post for free SMS services. After a deep research, we’ve managed to collect 30 free online SMS services which allow you to send text messages from computer to all mobile phones worldwide without costing a single penny.
Breathe Mobile WebSMS allows you to send free SMS via the websms interface to over 160 countries so you can keep in touch with your love ones. Free SMS texting gratis SMS international text messaging send free Web SMS now without registration no sign up worldwide.
160by2 (a SMSCountry initiative) endeavors to revolutionize the very concept of sending SMS – from a PAID service to a FREE service. Send Free SMS Text Messages worldwide, Send Group Text Messages, Start Your Free Text Messaging. Hot Free SMS is offering you free SMS when you sign up, refer your friends to us, or when you sign up for free with other services!
FSMS is a free no-catch service, this means there are no subscription fees or hidden costs and we won’t pass your details on to any third parties.
Jungle SMS allows you to send FREE SMS messages to all your friends and family almost anywhere in the world from your PC or mobile handset. Monkeymaximus \ TextNation allows users to send text messages using our website. Send text messages to your friends, family or co-workers in the US, Canada and the rest of the world.
Text By SMS is an awesome fast, free way to send text messages to your friends, co-workers, and family.
Chikka lets you send free SMS to mobile subscribers in the Philippines when logged in to your online account. The banking industry is making use of free SMS services to give their customers a faster, easier way to administer their accounts.
Nevertheless think of if you added some great visuals or videos to give your posts more, “pop”! Every year we celebrating friendship day by send lovely cards and text messages to our loving friends.
A monkey can be a donkey, but a friend like you cannot be a professor, so why you are reading books all the time. I learn cheating in exams from you, I learn teasing girls on Facebook also from you, now kindly guide me how to escape from a devil like you?
Last night saw a monster in my dream, I get afraid and call you and monster ran away by saying “please don’t call my papa”. Let’s discover our childhood memories, steal some bucks from your dad purse and come to my home. So friends if you really like my share then do not forget to share it on Facebook and Twitter with your sweet and cool friends. Relationship is the soft feeling or emotions toward someone, a relation can be weak like a thin thread and it can also be strong as a rock.
I can be ready for thousand times to fight with world only if you say once that “I am only yours”. You are very precious for me, infect you don’t know your value; you are the only one who can convert raw cotton into silk just by touching with your feet. I want to describe my heart feelings in French, I want to talk with you in Arabic and I want to love with you in emotions.
So start updating your Facebook statuses with these cute quotations and celebrate your day today.
The literacy rate in India getting high day by day but unfortunately the job vacancies are getting down, there are several causes of this problem and the main cause is over population indeed.
Hindi Facebook Status updates are getting popular not only in India but all the countries where people can read and write Hindi. Demanding love is not the height of love but “ Dil me rakhna” a true love is the actual height.

Whenever I miss you my heart goes “ be-bass” to through down this FB and torn its every page.
I was serious to make a date with you this weekend but my pocket money already goes end too. Your “husan” is mind blowing but your habit of getting late on My Facebook wall is a stupid doing. I just tired up a little bit because I just received a special phone call so let me complete this love job on some other day, till yet you can update your FB statuses with this half Hindi quotes to impress your girlfriend or boyfriends too. Way2sms is reached more then 30 million registered users in their database and the number of these registered users is growing up day by day. The basic reason of why Way 2 SMS still winning the competition is that they do not charge or say to upgrade your existing account for more text messages, a user can send unlimited 160 character messages to any mobile network in India and more on a ser can also create his own friends circle to send same text message at once to all his friends or group of specific friends. PNR (Passenger Name Record) is a 10 digit pin code which assigned to a passenger or more then one passenger as a whole group for reservation by IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation).PNR enquiry is an advanced technological feature of Indian Railway and this is why it is the world 3 best railway system. Download free IRCTC mobile app for android, Nokia or Iphone and get real time updates about your PNR status. Simple SMS your 10 digit PNR number to 139 and with in a minute you will get your exact PNR status. If you have any other question in your mind about PNR status enquiry then feel free to ask in comments below. Facebook is become an essential part of human life, especially teens cannot imagine live without Facebook and this addiction is getting high day by day. Sam: Last day I was waiting for you about 3 hours on the Facebook but you did not come, what happened to you?
Jack: I got Facebook login problems, I also Google about this problem and found many web pages claming about solve these stupid FB login problems, but all were useless. Login failure at Facebook sign in page is become a common issue of every day, so why not you use the following status quotes on your Facebook Timeline or homepage to escape from these silly dialogues. Do not dare to check my Facebook login status through any website; I have a secret eye on you. Please make some stupid comments about my absentees from Facebook and send followers to Mark Zuckerberg it may increase his net worth. Roadrunner is the most famous web portal for local news, sports, shopping, and Webmail for Hawaii, NYC, North Carolina and Orlando.
If you still face any problem regarding to your login issue, feel free to ask it in comments below. Do you get a little fight or ding dong with your girlfriend or get angry from something to your friends on Facebook, well the best way to describe your anger and frustrated mood is to type something hilarious on your Facebook status. Are you tired from doing serious chat with your friends on Facebook, well its time to make some fun? Because it is the only fastest services available on the internet which let you send as many text messages to your friends, you can also make groups of your friends and send a single SMS to all your friends in the selected group.
This trick also allows you to find the geographical location of your friends, you can simply search the physical location of any mobile number inside your contact list or the numbers saved on your phonebook. Webkinz is a great gaming site which provides you a lot of fn if you feel love toward animals. Short for Code-Division Multiple Access(CDMA), a digital cellular technology that uses spread-spectrum techniques.
Following is a Block Diagram which gives overview that how others softwares of bonrix can be used with Bonix SMS Server 4 Nokia CDMA.
You can send free SMS text messages to anyone with a SMS or text message enabled mobile phone. You can send free SMS messages to any of your friends on the supported networks, even if they don’t have ICQ. The message is usually received by their cellphone within seconds and won’t cost them anything. We also arrange surprise parties to please our friends on their birthdays, job achievements, graduation, etc. There are thousands of websites in India which let you find a job online and there are several million graduate, masters and undergraduate students, engineers, doctors, I.T professionals and nurses applying for a job through these sites but only few lucky candidates get a positive response.

Way2sms owner also announced that very soon they will launch their video call option for all register users and they are testing this service in Beta mode and very soon it will be available to everyone,How trace a cell phone location:-Now come to the point, after Way2sms login or without sin in you can now find the exact location of any Indian mobile number just by using Way2sms mobile locator. Every thing cannot go straight and we must face some problems with these things, same we also got some problems and errors while logging at Facebook account, check out the most common dialogue about this issue.
You can also play a lot of free online games at Tagged platform with your friends or challenge million of online players, most famous games on tagged are Mafia, Cafe, Pets and Farm. Just kick out all dizziness and worries from your mind and say something cool and funny on the Facebook status bar to give a big surprise to your friends. Well I have a simple and easy solution for this headache, now you can send unlimited free text messages to any mobile number in India and also receive the confirmation of your SMS status just like you got after sign in at Waytosms. If your mobile phone is compatible with Hindi, Tamil or ay other local language then you can also send the text message in a particular language too. You can also share web links and play games with your Way2sms friends, its somewhat same like Google Plus features, infect this is not mine trick this is the upcoming plan of Way2sms team, they’re going to compete Facebook because they have more then 30 million registered users only in India and they will upgrade their registered users profile to their new system, what else do you want? You have to just select your mobile model and download the required app directly inn your cell phone and login to Way2sms mobile app, edit the options if you want and save the settings. This SMS service can be used through our SMS software with any latest Nokia CDMA phones to achieve maximum gains through SMS. Simply register for your account and send free SMSs between India, Kuwait, UAE, UK, USA, Saudi, Singapore, Philippines & Malaysia. The delivery status is updated in matter of seconds, usually within 5 seconds of sending the SMS. A lot of my friends sometimes update their Facebook status with some shocking jokes and quotes but still we can feel a deep love in their weird actions. These sites are offering free sms service to all popular mobile careers and networks but none of them really beats the Way2sms till yet. You can also share the links of your favorite WebPages, videos, photos and quotes on your Tagged profile page. The normal character limit available at Way2sms is 140 characters but by following our special trick you can send 500 characters SMS messages to your buddies for free. You can also access a large range of Webkinz toy store near to your location through their store locator online tool, you can adopt and teach your pet a lot of cool things and then later take a part in several quiz and competitions, if you feel yourself best in Webkinz world then you can also challenge top ranking Webkinz players to compete with your trained pet. This bulk text messaging software can be used to send SMS to a list of phone numbers from your PC using any Compatible Nokia CDMA Hansets.
If you have already existed account, then you just make simple login to access the service.
So it is scientifically proved that teasing friends in odd ways is not a big deal and its very important for a long term friendship.
You can also download Tagged mobile application on your Iphone or Android to chat and keep in touch with your buddies every time.How to signup for tagged?The registration process is very simple and you can join Tagged community right from their home page by giving your initial information and a valid email address. The list of phone numbers can be either manually entered or imported from a text file, Excel worksheet or Access database.
During the sign up procedure you can also invite your friends from your address book or from your Facebook profile to join you at Tagged.Tagged Login problems:-Do you facing any error problems on Tagged login page? It can be used with any Nokia CDMA mobile phone handset connected to the PC using a USB data cable or Infrared device etc.
Additionally, it lets you import your phone book contacts to app, so you will never miss your buddies. Nothing to worry because it may happens sometimes, you can easily skip sign in problems by clear your cookies from internet history.
If you are trying to login at Tagged behind some firewall or proxy server then it may also cause login issue too. If you don’t have a Tagged is then you can simply login by using your Facebook id and password too.So its time for you to Join tagged today and discover new friends, you may also meet your soul mate or some amazing new friends through this interesting social networking site.

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