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In early days of Internet ; Email was the best , fastest and reliable way to message peoples. In this age of mobile computing Short Message Service (SMS)A have taken over email completely and sms is now the best , fast and most reliable way to message your friends and keep in touch of your friends and family. SMS is one of best and marvelous invention of Technology and what I believe is SMS should always be free because a lot of people’s life and feelings are connected with SMS. Jaxtr SMS is an application for mobile devices which allows you to send free , unlimited international sms by installing the application in your mobile. The Jaxtr SMS application can be downloaded to any type of phone which include Android , Iphone , Blackberry, J2ME (Java phones), Symbian and Nokia devices. The sms sent from this application is sent to the recipient with the sender id as your mobile number , Or they will see your phone number as the SMS sender , the SMS receiver need not to have a Jaxtr application , but if the application is not installed in their phone a small text (a€?.. Mjoy is also a similar company to Jaxtr Sms but mjoy doesn’t have any application instead you need to visit mjoy website to register and send free unlimited international sms.
To use mjoy you need to visit their website either from your mobile or computer and register an account. There are also other numerous ways and websites on Internet to send free international SMS. Some cell service companies provide free email-to-SMS gateways where you can send free text messages through email. This is site got very popular with in some time only because of its some advance feature which allows you to schedule message to be sent in all over have to just type the message, set the desired date and time and you are done.
Text4FreeOnline allows you to send longest messages in all over world upto 700 characters and you can send unlimited messages.Along with text and picture message it provide you to share music from your computer.
As a premium bulk SMS provider, we often get asked by marketers about the best time to send bulk SMS. There are so many factors influencing the best time to send bulk SMS, that the only way that you are going to find out your best time is to test your local market.

Just paste the code sent to your phone on the form, activate it and you are good to go.Meanwhile, each SMS that you send out using Chawt will attached attached with a line of advertisement.
According to ITU (an UN agency for information and communication technologies) in 2010 around two hundred thousands SMS were exchanged worldwide every second.
Some Telecommunication companies in certain countries have already made SMS either free or very cheap to be affordable by the peoples.
After successful registration you need to open mjoy website from your mobile ( Because mjoy doesn’t allows you to login from computer ) and login.
In Mjoy you need credits to send free sms , By registering an account you get some credits for sending sms.
Messenger supports SMS messaging for many countries such as United States, Canada, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Kuwait and Pakistan. The answer is yes for Sure and  especially youth is enjoying Chatting with friends daily!
Being a global SMS provider, we have customers all over the world in similar industries, and we have found that what might work in Australia, doesn’t work in Ireland or the UK.
I believe there is no much complaint about text ads since Chawt send SMS services is free !!!Send SMS free with Chawt. But for those of you who are from the country which doesn’t allows free or cheap international SMS , I will share here some ways to send free international sms.
I hope this will help you to reduce you SMS cost and specially if you have relatives and friends in foreign countries because normally a lot of Telecoms. But its very expensive to send message in India or in other countries.So today we have listed 10 Top sites to send free message online it includes sending message within India and other part of the world also.
We have over 14,000 customers if which 8,000 are marketing orientated, and they don’t all send their bulk SMS at the same time.

Then we also find that the timing for a butchery may not be the same as the timing for a furniture store.
AFTER GETTING CONFIRMATION OF YOUR ORDER WE WILL SEND OUR BANK DETAILS TO TRANSFER THE MONEY.AS SOON AS WE RECEIVE YOUR MONEY WE WILL SHIP YOUR ORDER. And after registering you would be able to send free international sms to any number in the world in just few clicks. Then you can just click on the advertisements shown in their website after logging in to earn some extra credits.
We have tried to determine patterns over various market sectors, and came up with – no pattern! Use your knowledge of local conditions and your customer’s habits to decide when is the best time to send bulk SMS.
You can just send sms directly from your mobile using the application like you use the normal SMS function in your phone. So we asked a few of our large and very successful marketing customers what they consider the best time to send bulk SMS. If your call to action is not a reply to your SMS but rather an encouragement to visit your store, footfall or the sound of tills ringing will be your best measure.
If you send at say six PM and the response is poor, try earlier or a bit later, depending on your line of business and where you are.

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