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Full customisation of the Esendex products and services to suit your customer and business needs. So… if you were to go away today and develop mobile apps for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry, you would probably run up quite a large development bill and you would only be getting about 23% coverage .
SubscribeStay up to date with the latest industry news and digital trends by signing up to the quarterly Esendex newsletter today. The SORRAIA MUSTANG STUDBOOK (SMS) has been established to record available data of as many Sorraia-type mustangs as possible, keep track of these horses, and encourage selective breeding for this type, as a means to help preserve the subspecies. At this point, free registration is available and consists of data-recording only; no papers issued.
The SMS provides the following divisions for mustangs showing Sorraia characteristics: Permanent, Foundation, and Tentative. The purpose of the Sorraia Mustang Studbook is the conservation of those special individuals among America's mustangs which represent in type the indigenous wild horse of southern Iberia, today known as Sorraia horse. Head: Profile more or less convex a€“ a curved line from poll to nostrils without any indentations. Withers: Prominent and long, reaching far into the back, typically higher than the rear end.
Note: Mares of different color, but showing all the other characteristics of the Sorraia, may still be eligible for Foundation or Tentative division. Free, ground-covering, long-strided movements, especially a flowing, lofty trot, noticeable knee action. Is it true that Sorraias originally came in all colors and have been selectively bred to be grullas and duns?
1) The natural qualities of the Sorraia horses equipped them to survive better in a wild state on the American continent than horses of other origins, at least as far as prairie, semi-desert, and desert regions are concerned a€“ a survival of the fittest.
2) Another reason is that animals of a certain kind, especially primitive ones, will instinctively prefer partners of the same kind to mate with if they have a choice.
3) The primitive genes may somehow be stronger, because they are Mother Nature's own recipe. By starting breeding programs based on mating Sorraia-type mustangs to Sorraia-type mustangs, the Sorraia genotype will be strengthened and rehabilitated, and other genes will be bred out. Is the Sorraia-type mustang the only true Spanish mustang, or Spanish type, like some say it is? The typical Sorraia horse differs in type from the general run of Andalusians and Lusitanos, the Iberian man-made breeds.
With all the discussions about what Spanish type is, and all the arguments one way or another, the Sorraia's conformation type provides an objective parameter, a breeding goal, a standard of perfection not formulated by Man, but determined by Mother Nature a€“ by Iberia's natural environment.
Good type, good withers; fair bi-coloring, subconvex profile, decent leg stripes, good shoulder stripes.
Good type, although rear end a bit too stocky, okay head profile, no white except few white hairs on forehead, dark face.
HW group devices and software tools use HWg-SMS-GW to send text messages (SMS, cell messages). In addition to sending a SMS alert, the HW group SMS gateway can alert the recipient by dialing a call to the same number and letting it ring for a short time. Practical tip: We recommend to avoid pre-paid SIMs, and instead use a regular post-paid plan. No software needed The sending device sends the text message directly through the SMS GW (Box-2-Box) over the LAN.
With an external antenna, the device can be used even at places with poor GSM coverage (data center).
Examples for programmers on using the product are available in the HWg-SDK (Borland C++, MS Visual C, VB, C#, PHP, JAVA and more). Using the Box-2-Box mode, it connects directly to the HWg GSM gateway (no software is needed). HWg-SMS-GW contains a SIM card and sends cell message alerts on behalf of all devices in the network. Together with the text message, it is also possible to call the recipient and let the phone ring for a short time (configured in the sending device).
HWg-Trigger, an application for MS Windows, monitors the function of other products (Poseidon2 3266, HWg-STE Push, Damocles 1208, Poseidon 4002) over the LAN. If a product is inaccessible or fails, a SMS alert is sent using HWg-SMS-GW in the same LAN.
Your user account includes the IP address or DNS name of your HWg-SMS-GW (must be accessible at a public IP address). The configuration of each sensor in your SensDesk account can include a phone number for alarm messages. Ares 12 sends the alert to an out-of-range sensor value faster than the SensDesk portal; however, SensDesk allows to monitor and configure all alarms over the Web at a single place.
SMS Gateway start set – photo Central GSM SMS gateway for sending text messages from other HW group devices over the LAN. HWg-SMS Gateway start set GSM SMS gateway for sending text messages from other HW group devices over the LAN. On Monday we announced that MailChimp users would get a 10% discount off their bill for enabling AlterEgo 2-factor authentication (it’s our way of incentivizing security). On that screen, you’ll get step-by-step instructions for connecting to the other security services.
One of the complaints we heard when we first launched AlterEgo was that it required a smartphone.
Reply back with a "Y" and you’ll see the AlterEgo screen log in and take you to the MailChimp Dashboard.

Once you’ve set up AlterEgo for your MailChimp account, you can also specify whether or not 2-factor should be required for other users who share access to your account.
For example, you should seriously consider making it required for Admins and Managers, who have access to more things (like Lists, API keys, etc). In addition to AlterEgo, you can configure MailChimp to send you SMS notifications whenever something important is triggered inside your account.
While I have your attention, a little while ago we required all new users to set up three security questions.
This makes things way more convenient whenever you try to change some contact information, or your password, or some other detail that we require verification for. I also loved the idea that I can generate a passcode via alterego website – I don’t even need to get up to get my phone! But again, our Google Apps are already 2-factor authenticated – so why wouldnt that apply? Hi Nick, It sure does apply to both the monthly plans and the pay as you go option as well. Does the AlterEgo smartphone app work if there are multiple people that access one MailChimp account or does it have to be tethered to a single device?
Hi Kyle, With the new multi-user accounts you can actually setup which account types (Admin, Manager, etc) are required to user AlterEgo.
How do you accomplish 2-factor authentication when your employer doesn’t provide you with a mobile phone? Hi Phil, You can technically also access your AlterEgo account via a Web Browser (including mobile) to generate the code.
Sorry, the discount doesn’t go back in time, but once AlterEgo is connected it will apply to any future credits you purchase. We are a small time player with only a few hundred names in our list, therefore a free MailChimp account. Can you set up alter ego to accept entering the google auth code manually instead of the qr code? Hi Rob, The QR code piece is just for the initial setup to link Google Authenticator with AlterEgo.
Would love to integrate this with Meldium somehow, maybe they’re not ready for 2 step but I guess that move makes sense for them as well. Hi Ruben, I went digging just a little to see if I could get Meldium working with MailChimp and 2 factor turned on. For some reason, giving discounts or bonuses to free accounts feels like dividing by zero to me. Hi Sandra, Basically, AlterEgo is free to use and if you have a paid account you’ll also receive a 10% discount just for using it. When my bank does this they send an SMS with a 6 digit code that I then input in the form on their web. Quick question – if there are multiple user accounts associated to a mailchimp account, how many of them have to have 2-factor enabled in order to get the 10% discount? This isn’t even taking into account whether or not your audience like using apps – you would need to get people to download and install it before the communication can even begin! The SMS does not rival any other mustang registry, and does register horses strictly on phenotype, regardless of the BLM Herd Management Areas they were captured in, or other mustang registries they may have already been registered with.
While it is correct that Sorraias come in grulla and regular dun only (no red duns), the color is only one characteristic that has to be met. After centuries of unrestricted interbreeding in the wild, it would be unresonable to assume for any mustangs to be pure this or pure that. The vast and remote regions of the American West provided an environment for wild horses that allowed for groups of certain kinds to more or less stay together. Remnant populations of wild animals show a surprising ability to retain their type and color in spite of interbreeding pressure from surrounding domestic animals of the same species. Thus, a population of Sorraia Mustangs can be revitalized and reinstated, consisting of horses of good Sorraia phenotype and genotype.
The latter combine traits of several types of horses, and have been selected toward a certain man-made ideal. It is ignorant and even irresponsible to declare the most original and primitive Iberian horse to be of non-Spanish type. 14hh as a 2-year-old; very good stripes, dorsal stripe with sawtooth markings, shoulder cross, indistinct fishbone markings set off from dorsal stripe, some cobwebbing, bi-coloring could be stronger. Send SMS alarms from other HW group products and software through a single gateway and a single SIM. The message recipient's phone number is always configured in the LAN device or software that sends the alarm. In addition, SensDesk also monitors the network connectivity of Ares units, so it can for instance alert to an Ares unit's network connection failure.
Includes an internal GSM modem, an external antenna with 3m cable, a power adapter and a CD. Basically, if you want to take advantage of our 10% discount, but you prefer those other security services, our attitude is, "great, just connect them to AlterEgo, and use them instead." AlterEgo serves as a "pass through" for Google Authenticator and Yubi Key. To enable SMS-based challenge response, log in to AlterEgo, go to "Your Account" and enter your mobile number in the "SMS Notifications" field.
For example, we can text you if someone logs in to your account, or when they generate an API key, or when they download your list. A simple SMS code is way better than remembering your answers to three security questions you set up ages ago. The discount is an incentive to enable AlterEgo, but it also gives us a way to see if it’s turned on or off.

Obviously doing so from a separate device would be the safest and actual two factor authentication. Once that link is setup, you will be presented with a google auth code that you can type just like you’re talking about.
It also helps that new thing get some attention, which gives it life, which makes the team keep working on it (instead of letting it die on the vine). The 10% discount has attracted a lot of attention, and a lot more users, so it may be high time to dial back the chimpy-ness. In todya’s day and age of passwords getting stolen again and again, we really need this.
That at least proves that the person holding the phone is the one that continues with the auth sequence. I believe you’re referring to spoofing of your personal telephone # for someone to act as you on a response. To answer your question however in regards to a lost phone, you could deal with this in a couple different ways. I would love to add an extra layer of security to my WordPress website (the most vulnerable spot in most online businesses, I would think). I can’t remember the passcode and its requiring me to enter it first so how can i get or request for another one. After authentication I just get the black and red numbers changing very fast one after the other while progress bar stays red. Even when excited, the tail is raised rarely more than level; these horses usually do not raise their tails up perpendicularly, let alone laying them over their rump when excited, like Arabians tend to do.
Sorraias are of a unique conformation, so for SMS registration, conformation is at least as important as is color. He was the one who discovered the Sorraia in 1920, he was the one who selected those individuals to which all of today's Sorraias go back. This held true until recent times: When the BLM started to take stock and round up the wild horses in their efforts to manage the public lands, they found herds or bands of horses that were similar in type and even in color. That's why populations of mustangs of a primitive type could have retained their characteristics in spite of some of their interbreeding with other mustangs a€“ there remained a nucleus of horses which still possessed most or all of the characteristics. The software runs on Windows in the background and keeps checking the configured conditions. HWg-SMS-GW3 is smaller, has a larger memory for the outgoing message queue, and supports SNMP.
It helps prevent that hacker above from getting into your account and stealing your customer data. Believe it or not, some of your users are actually professionals who don’t want or need game sounds with an app that provides added security protection.
I do think that a subtle click or some audible feedback upon code-generation is necessary, but maybe it doesn’t have to be a medieval sword fight.
We’ve built a smartphone app (iPhone and Android) on top of the AlterEgo web service.
They’d need to not only get your password but also have access to your phone to be able to access your account.
Several things to keep in mind here is that AlterEgo is just another layer of security in addition to your password. Seems dangerous to me since you push it so hard but didn’t tell people what to do should something go wrong with 2-factor authentication. Should the horse have a white marking not recognizable in the photos, please specify, or include close-up photo.
Ears are outlined black in front and back, with whitish rim; tipped black on backside, sometimes also striped on backside.
It is only logical though that a mustang which looks like an Andalusian or Lusitano must also be called a Spanish type. In other words, most Andalusians and Lusitanos don't have a particularly low tail set, and they do have a rather narrow head, and many don't have hooked ears. The above referenced link also shows how to set it up, connect it to MailChimp and get up and going. How do you stop an attacker from sending a “Y” and pretending it is from my phone number? So without AlterEgo someone would need to know your user name and password to access your account.
Once your phone is found or you get a replacement, you’ll just need to add it back as an approved device.
Bi-colored mane and tail = the black middle part is fringed by light-colored hair that is often almost white.
Also, it could be proved through DNA tests that the horses he selected actually have a unique status.
So we created an API for AlterEgo so that if you’re an app developer, you can make your web site use AlterEgo too. A dorsal stripe must be present; cobwebbing on forehead, zebra stripes on legs, neck stripes, shoulder stripes, and fishbone markings on the back are all desirable, although not always present. Chroniclers many centuries before d'Andrade have already and always described the Iberian wild horse as grulla. We do have various numbers in play that send the SMS messages, but you are correct in that they would be localized to the US.

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