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SMS client and server is an application software which is used for sending and receiving messages(SMS).
Comm is an object of type GsmCommMain which is required for sending and receiving messages.
Before creating a GSMComm object with settings, we need to validate the port number, baud rate and Timeout. If you want to send a message in your native language (Unicode), you need to check in Send as Unicode(UCS2). All messages which are sent by the users will be stored in SIM memory and we are going to display them in the Data grid. The customer has agreed for pre paid electricity recharges with the help of recharge coupons. On the Server, the Database consists of Customer information along with his telephone number, there will a field named Amount which will be used and updated when the customer recharged with some amount. Around 10 years of professional software development experience in analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of enterprise web applications for healthcare domain with good exposure to object-oriented design, software architectures, design patterns, test-driven development and agile practices.

Use UML Modelling and create Use Cases , Class Diagram , Component Model , Deployment Diagram, Sequence Diagram in HLD. It listens for incoming messages to arrive, processes the message if it's in a valid format. We have to set the Comm port, Baud rate and time out for our comm object of type GsmCommMain. GSMComm object comm has a SendMessage method which will be used for sending SMS to any phone. This application becomes somewhat complex, an automatic meter reading software along with hardware needs to be integrated with this.
It listens for incoming messages to arrive, processes the read message and takes action accordingly.
Note the processing of arrived messages depends on the application which will be discussed later.
The message details such as sender, date-time, text message will be displayed on the Data Grid.

The customer will first buy the coupons from shops; every coupon consists of Coupon PIN which will be masked, the customer needs to scratch to view the PIN number.
Automatic meter reading systems will read all meter readings and calculate the amount to be deducted for the customer.
The SMS server will maintain an Astrology Database with zodiac sign and a text description which contains a message for the day.
You can download the sample project, library from the web link which I provided under the Reference section. We can test the Comm port settings by clicking on the Test button after selecting the Comm port, baud rate and Time out. The customer will send an SMS to the SMS Server with a specified message format for recharging.

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