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Since 2008 our platform served hundreds of millions SMS messages to more than 200 countries and 600 mobile operators. Our email to SMS gateway is perfect for sending an SMS text message to unlimited people reliably from any email software, server or CRM application. We only ever use the highest quality routes to mobile networks to guarantee the very best speed & deliverability.
You must enable Email to SMS on your account prior to using this.Log in to your account, click on Settings, then Email2SMS, and check the Activate Email 2 SMS tickbox.
You can easily remove signatures or company footers from your email if you don't want to include this in your email to text message.
You can send an Email to SMS message to a group of people you've already created on your Messenger account. You can set a requirement to use a password for email to SMS via your 'Messenger>Email to SMS' setting. In addition to the above, you can send GROUP=xxxx,yyyy,zzzz in the SUBJECT line of your email. Have your SMS text arrive on the recipients phone addressed from your name, company name or phone number. Our email to SMS gateway has made it simple to send text messages from an email account and you'll be glad to hear that our pricing is simple too. Make the most of Textlocal's premium products for just a snippet of the price you can expect to pay elsewhere.

We aim to repair your ps3 and dispatch it the next working day we receive it using a tracked courier service - We dont want to keep your console longer than we need to.
Along with receiving a tracking number to track your repair service, you will also be sent a tracking number to track your return delivery after the repair is complete. If you prefer to send us your device from neasden so you dont have to wait in for a courier, we will repair and return your ps3 using a trackable next day delivery service FREE OF CHARGE!
To use this service please make sure that the ps3 is sufficiently protected by using a sturdy box and enough padding inside.
We serve clients from the whole World - SMS Aggregators, Leading Businesses and even Individuals. If you find a lower price, call our friendly experts on +44 (0)1244 752 299 and we'll at least match it. Beware of some companies that use cheaper low-quality offshore routes or illegal SIM card farms or a blend of routes to lower prices. To send from other addresses simply add them as aliases in your Settings -> Email to SMS settings page in Messenger. Simply set sched=2012-08-27-17-50-00 in the subject line and we will send the SMS text at the correct time.
XXXX is the group ID you want to send to, You can find the ID of a group by clicking on View Group ID in the advanced section of the Reports page in your Messenger account.
Either set as the default name in your Messenger Email to SMS settings, or set sender=xxxx on the subject line.

We use our position as one of the UK's most trusted text marketing services to pass the savings on to you, which is why we are constantly providing competitive prices that ensure you achieve a good return on your investment, no matter what the goal is.
Three red lights repair - open tray error repair - ps3 stuck tray repair - ps3 no power repair - ps3 no video repair - ps3 no audio repair - YLOD you name it We can fix it! Delivery reports are available for all messages and we boast an average delivery time of just 3.15 seconds!
You can find the ID of a group by clicking on View Group ID on the advanced section of the Reports page in your Messenger account. On our smaller packages you can use this service from only 4.9 pence per message and for the small cost per message you'll be able to send customisable texts from the word go.
Our service is completely free of spam and no marketing information will ever be sent to any number entered.
Email to SMS is a hassle free way to instantly contact customers, staff, members, family and friends, or respond to enquiries received from your mobile marketing promotions.

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