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Here in Switzerland we have a similar service but with no privacy protection other than the option of opting out (not in - so you have to know about this to opt out). Montreal's IleSoniq festival is going to kick major ass this year and this playlist proves it! If you want to know how your crush feels about you, but are too nervous to ask him the question yourself, you can use an app to help you out.According to Teen Vogue, Kiss will let you send your crush a lineup of several names (so that he doesn't know you're the one actually interested) and asks him to admit whether or not he feels the same way about you.That way, if you find out he's interested, you can ask him out without the fear of rejection!Would you ever use this app or would you prefer to find out how your crush feels the old fashioned way?
Website can also be spelled web site and refers to videos, images and digital assents that create the web page. Homepage is called the Uniform Resource Locator URL that makes accessible the page of a website.
A website can be created by an individual or a organization and is dedicated to a purpose or a topic. The website that has the web pages in the format that is sent to the web browser of a client is called a static website.
A dynamic website is based on certain criteria that allows the website to customizes itself. The dynamic content refers to the way in which the text, the messages and images are displayedA  on the web page. Java Server Pages, Perl programming languages, PHP, Active server pages, Cold Fusion and YUMA are software systems that can generate dynamic sites and dynamic web systems. These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. HDB Refuses to Work with Aljunied MP over Resident’s Complaint but Approaches Grassroots Instead?

Noorashikin Nora naturally received a rude shock at the sigh of this SMS that appeared on her mobile phone one day. The purported loanshark threatened to kill her family and attack her home if she didn’t deposit money in a bank account.
What was more surprising was the innocent reply that came after she enquired about the identity of the sender. Websites offering SMS spoofing services have popped up online in recent years, enabling people to send mobile text messages anonymously to others.
For a fee, one can key in a text message and choose the country where the message originates from. Such websites then send out the message from the mobile number of a person from that country. SMS spoofing technology was apparently developed in 2005, but websites offering such services were largely shut down by authorities.
To keep your mobile phone safe, only give out your phone number to trusted parties, download apps only from trusted vendors (and check their permissions before you download the apps), and do not install software that you do not intend to use to prevent a malware infection. A CurbTXT sticker on the car gives people an anonymous way to contact the driver through text messaging by referencing the plate number. CAR INDEX enables Swiss drivers to text a license plate number and receive instantly in return, the car owners name adddress and when available, his phone number. Web server hosts the web site and it is accessible through a local area network or the internet . A five a€“page website, a classic website or a brochure website are simple forms of websites.

A plain text with the formatting instructions of XHTML, HTML becomes the document which is named web page. For example , a website with news articles is set to display all new articles for the current date or if you choose to search a word in particular , the page will show what you are looking for.
Periodically or when needed , static content can also be dynamically generated in order to avoid performance loss. Information about the products, the company are included, as well as animations, navigation and interactive menus. The dynamic code has an active programming language instead of plain and the lines are constructed dynamically. Hypertext Transfer Protocol also called HTTP help the transport and the access of the web pages in conditions of privacy and security. Gopher protocol and file transfer were used before HTTP and HTMLA  in order to retrieve individual files from server. A web site with dynamic code refers to the code to create a single web page and to its construction.
A simple directory structure which the user chooses files to download and navigate are offered by these protocols. Via a static website, the visitors dona€™t have the possibility to control the information they receive.

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