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Over the years, Facebook has constantly changed the way you can update your profile from your phone. At some point, this changed and they created a post-by email address, which was unique for each account. Now Facebook has something called Facebook Texts, which lets you update your status and do a couple of other things over text message. To setup Facebook Texts, log into your Facebook account, click on the little down arrow at the top right and then click on Settings.
On the left hand side, click on Mobile and you should see your current phone number listed if you have added one.
If you don’t have text messaging enabled, you should see a big Activate Text Messaging button below your number.
Note that Facebook Texts will only work in certain countries and regions on supported carriers. You’ll also have the option to share your phone number with friends and allow friends to text you from Facebook. To post a status update via text message, just type your message normally and send it to the same number given by Facebook when you activated Facebook Texts above. The one reason why I like Facebook Texts over actually using the app on my iPhone is having the ability to add a friend quickly by number. That’s super easy and actually a lot faster than going to the app and searching for the person.
Also, if you are a Facebook stalker, then Facebook Texts will let you stalk someone in real-time.
Even though Facebook has removed the ability to post photos via text and email, they may add it back at a later point if enough people complain. About Online Tech TipsWelcome to Online Tech Tips – A blog that provide readers with daily computer tutorials, technology news, software reviews, and personal computing tips.
Hoy los lideres de Brasil, Rusia, India, China y Sudafrica se reuniran en Nueva Delhi para la cuarta Cumbre del BRICS.
On Thursday the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) will gather in New Delhi for the 4th annual BRICS Summit. The race for the next President of the World Bank Group has taken several unexpected turns over the past weeks. Emerging powers' move to Africa is one of the most important developments of our time, certain to transform the world's poorest continent.
Oliver Della Costa Stuenkel is an Assistant Professor of International Relations at the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) in Sao Paulo, where he coordinates the Sao Paulo branch of the School of History and Social Science (CPDOC) and the executive program in International Relations. Created by ad agency BBDO, each of the ads starts with an intimate conversation presented in a series of texts and emojis amidst background sounds of buzzing coffee machines and indiscernible chatter. The texts and emojis gradually fade away, hinting that the conversation has probably shifted to a face-to-face one in a typical Starbucks outlet.
According to Mashable, Starbucks may be paying homage to its mission, which is to a€?inspire and nurture the human spirita€”one person, one cup, one neighborhood at a timea€?, via these ads.
THUS have we finished the work, or principal part of this celebrated wonder; properly the temple or sacred structure, as it may be called.
The great oval consists of 10 uprights, the inner with the altar, of 20, the great circle of 30, the inner of 40.

Our altar here is laid toward the upper end of the adytum, at present flat on the ground, and squeez’d (as it were) into it, by the weight of the ruins upon it.
In the year 1635, as they were plowing by the barrows about Normanton ditch, they found a large quantity of excellent pewter, as much as they sold at a low price for 5l. They have completely removed the post-by email address, which means you can’t send photos from your mobile phone anymore via email or text.
Click on that and a window will popup where you have to first select your country and mobile carrier. However, they support most places in the world, so unless you live in the middle of nowhere, you should be able to use Facebook Texts.
You’ll only get texts from 8 AM to 11 PM, but you can edit any of the settings to your desire. You may read some other posts online about being able to post pictures via text by enabling the subject line, putting the word photos as the subject and adding the picture in the body, but this doesn’t work anymore. Since there are so many people on Facebook, the search will normally return hundreds of results, which is annoying. You can subscribe via text by sending SUB followed by the phone number, email, or name of the person.
Initially, Timothy Geithner, Hillary Clinton and Larry Summers emerged as possible contenders. He is also a non-resident Fellow at the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) in Berlin and a member of the Carnegie Rising Democracies Network.
Webb says, the heads of oxen, and deer, and other beasts have been found upon digging in and about Stonehenge, as divers then living could testify, undoubted reliques of sacrifices, together with much charcoal, meaning wood-ashes. But at that time of day, every thing new and strange was told by the Greeks in a mythologic way. Webb tells us, the Duke of Buckingham dug about Stonehenge: I fear much to the prejudice of the work. Thomas Hayward, late owner of Stonehenge, dug about it, as he acquainted Lord Winchelsea and myself. By Lord Pembroke's direction, I dug on the inside of the altar about the middle: 4 foot along the edge of the stone, 6 foot forward toward the middle of the adytum. However, as more and more users moved to the Facebook app on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc, the need to have this alternate mode of posting slowly waned.
As of now, other than updating your status via SMS, you can add a friend, poke someone, like a page, get a text when a friend posts something, and get a one-time password. All you have to do is send a text with the word ADD in front of their number to add them as a friend.
I graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, GA in 2002 with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. His research focuses on rising powers; specifically on Brazil’s, India’s and China's foreign policy and on their impact on global governance.
5 imposts of the great oval, 30 of the great circle, the 2 stones standing upon the bank of the area, the stone lying within the entrance of the area, and that standing without. Thus Virgil describes an ancient altar, after the Etruscan fashion, and which probably had remain’d from patriarchal times.
Chonuphis, the most learned of the Egyptian prophets then, being consulted upon it, confirm’d it, and said it was wrote about the time of Hercules and Proteas king in Egypt.

There seems to have been another stone lying upon the ground, by the vallum of the court, directly opposite to the entrance of the avenue. There are several of these ditches, being very small in breadth, which run across the downs. All added together, make just 140 stones, the number of which Stonehenge, a whole temple, is compos’d.
He means in the barrows adjacent, and I saw such thrown out by the rabbets very near the temple. But whatever it was, vases of incense, oil, slower, salt, wine and holy water, were used by all nations in their religious ceremonies. Behold the solution of the mighty problem, the magical spell is broke, which has so long perplex’d the vulgar!
But eternally to be lamented is the loss of that tablet of tin, which was found at this place, in the time of King Henry VIII.
They dug holes in the solid chalk, which would of itself keep up the stones, as firm as is a wall was built round them.
The year before, Hayns was one of the workmen employ’d by Lord Carlton to dig clay on Harradon hill, east of Ambresbury, where they found many Roman coins, which I saw. Here the variety and harmony of four differing circles presents itself continually new, every step we take, with opening and closing light and shade.
He is said to have lived in the island afterward call’d Pharos, from the watch-tower there erected.
I took up an oxe's tooth, above ground, without the adytum on the right hand of the lowermost trilithon, northward.
Which way so ever we look, art and nature make a composition of their highest gusto, create a pleasing astonishment, very apposite to sacred places.
1 and a half: and that its first intended length was 10 cubits, equal to the breadth of the trilithon before which it lies. I suspect this too was a tablet with an inscription on it, but falling into the hands of the countrymen, they could no more discern the writing, than interpret it.
And this is all the account, of what has been found by digging at Stonehenge, which I can give. Sammes may be in the right, who judges it to have been Punic; I imagine if we call it Irish, we shall not err much.
No doubt but this was some of the old British stanum, which the Tyrian Hercules, sirnam’d Melcarthus, first brought ex Cassiteride insula, or Britain. Harwood of Doctors-Commons told me, he was once at Stonehenge with such sort of Roman coins in his pockets, and that one of his companions would have persuaded him, to throw some of them into the rabbit-holes: but the Doctor was more ingenuous. Nevertheless were never so many such coins found in Stonehenge, they would prove nothing more, than that the work was in being, when the Romans were here; and which we are assured of already. To make the reader some amends for such a loss, I have given a specimen of supposed Druid writing, out of Lambecius's account of the Emperor's library at Vienna. It was thought by the curious, one of those epistles, which the Celtic people were wont to send to their friends in the other world.

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