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Are you wondering if your ex boyfriend is giving you signs that indicate he wants you back?
One of the biggest signals to look out for is when he is communicating with you constantly. The biggest sign of all that he wants you back is if he actually tells you that he wants you back and he misses you.
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When you're trying to get back an ex boyfriend, you need to know what's working (and what's not).
The signs and signals given off when your ex is ready to reverse the breakup won't always be obvious. Whenever your ex keeps the lines of communication open with you after breaking up, it's always a good sign. Sending you emails, text-messages, and even making phone calls after your relationship ends is your exboyfriend's way of keeping you "around" in case he changes his mind about things. The very fact that your ex still wants to maintain contact is a big indication that he's not ready to let go. Calling to say hello only goes so far, and you can usually tell when your ex is just being friendly or when he's trying to see what you're up to.
You can also learn a lot more about contact ex boyfriend etiquette by checking out this detailed guide on what to say to your ex when he calls you.
If your ex keeps dropping clues about him still being 'available', he wants you to know it.
You can give your exboyfriend the green light to continue on, but if you want him back quickly?
Stopping by to see you, whether at work or home, is a huge sign your ex is just about ready to get back together again. If you've been working toward getting your boyfriend back, nothing beats actually seeing him again.
While you shouldn't jump right back into the way things were, if you want your ex back you should throw him some go-ahead signals of your own. Together you'll want to build a new relationship even stronger than the last one, and moving too fast can quickly scare him away.
Certain emotional responses from your ex boyfriend are triggered whenever he thinks about you and the relationship you had.

Below you'll find two of the top relationship repair guides around when it comes to getting back an ex boyfriend.
For the girl who thinks getting her boyfriend back is hopeless, Breakup Reversed offers a unique approach that generates positive, instant results.Geared to begin working quickly, this guide also includes Robert Parson's legendary reconnection technique - the one that's already helped thousands of couples get back together again.
No matter what your current situation, these fast-working techniques are designed to win your boyfriend back by reversing his current emotional process. As you work toward the goal of winning your girlfriend back, it'll help to keep an eye out for the go-ahead signs that all your work is paying off.
If your ex has a new boyfriend but is STILL contacting you, odds are you've got a very good shot at winning her back. Any exgirlfriend who constantly brings up the history you shared together has not completely let go of your old relationship. If your ex breaks up with you and decides it's for good, she's going to want to close the door on your relationship completely.
Any exgirlfriend who becomes suddenly affectionate toward you again wants one of two things: to test the waters on getting back together with you, or some straight up sex. She might lean in close to you during conversation, touch your hand, kiss you playfully or maybe even more than playfully.
While learning how to get your boyfriend back, you also need to spot the signs that all your hard work is paying off.
Realizing that your ex boyfriend is finally responding to you again can be both thrilling and exhilarating. At the same time, it's important to know when your ex is responding for another reason: so you can continue whatever it is that you were doing. An ex boyfriend who keeps the channels of communication open is an ex who's wishy-washy about breaking up. When he's ready to undo the breakup, your ex may begin getting back in touch with those people closest to you. This is a huge sign that your breakup is in its final stages because your ex won't make moves like this unless he's ready to get back together again. If your boyfriend happened to slip the "let's be friends" speech into his breakup routine, it's very possible he was trying to let you down easy.
Signs to look for: your ex keeps telling you where he went and what he did last weekend, reporting to you as if you were still dating him.
If you happen to still see your ex boyfriend, the way he acts around you can reveal huge clues as to how much he wants you back. Trying to be friendly is one thing, but being complementary after the breakup is quite another.

An ex boyfriend who continues to call for your opinion on something is re-living the days when the two of you were a couple.
If he still feels comfortable enough to contact you this way, it's one of the bigger signs your ex boyfriend still loves you.
That said, an exboyfriend won't ever ask to meet you unless he's trying to renew some past connection. If your ex wants to meet with you, he's looking for something a lot more tangible than a friendly phone call, email, or text-message. Keep in mind that your ex might call you in the middle of the night, and suddenly ask to see you right then and there. Just because your ex boyfriend hasn't shown any of the above signs, it doesn't mean he doesn't still have feelings for you.
If you haven't done so already, check out these instant adjustments that will make your ex boyfriend want you back. In the case where your ex seems to have all the control over what happens between you, you'll need to seize back some of the power you lost during the break up.
Jackson takes you by the hand, showing you exactly what to do and say in order to win back your ex boyfriend. This is something you definitely need to avoid, so let his calls go unanswered and allow him to leave a message sometimes.
Observing human body language when in large groups of people is a hobby of mine and it’s amazing how much you can learn about a couple without them even realizing it themselves. That way you can prepare for what you'll say when you do call him back, which you shouldn't do right away, either. Doing this has also taught me an awful lot about human interaction and I’m going to share the best of those tips here with you now.So what are the signs that your ex girlfriend still loves you or at least misses you an awful lot?
This gives your ex the impression that you've got bigger and better things going on in your life. This is a simple neurological response which shows you pretty clearly that your ex girlfriend is still interested in you on a sexual level at the very least. People have debated about why women do this subconsciously but the safest bet is that they’re mentally replaying what it was like kissing you in the past. If you walk into the room and her back straightens and she pushes the hair away from her face then she’s grooming herself for you.

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