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There’s a ton of potential traffic and leads on Instragram waiting for you (if you follow the Instragram marketing tips in the video below), and put commit to consistently applying your Instragram marketing campaign. What I share below is so simple you don’t have to Instagram marketing agency to do this for you.
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Online Store featuring the very best in Children's Fashion, Toys and Entertainment – with worldwide delivery! In the short video below, I share some super simple Instagram marketing tips that will help you get more free traffic and leads (I even share a Instagram marketing software that I use to automate the whole process).
Instagram has around 150 million users (as at Feb 2014) and they are currently the fastest growing social media platform on the planet.
If you want to, you could actally even charge people to do this Instagram marketing service for them, because most people have no clue (I’m just saying).

Whatever the case, I am here to divulge my extra sneaky tricks that I pull out for those specific times when I need the munchkins to enter slumberland — fast!Let me add a disclaimer here. Most nights I am cuddling with my kiddos, enjoying telling bedtime stories and even lying in their room until most of my pint-sized treasures are fast asleep.
My kids are ages 12 all the way down to three.Sneaky Tips to Get Your Kids to go to Sleep FastHave a contest. I tell all the kids that mommy is going to listen and watch to see which child is the quietest. They do not have to be the first one asleep, they just have to have their eyes closed, lie very still and not make any noise. I stay in the room for the first five minutes or so then leave and return quietly to pick a winner.
Here are some prizes I have given out:extra 30 minutes stay up the next evening special snack with mom and dad 30 minutes on the computer or a special movie candy small toy purchased just for themKeep the kids physically active during the day.

On major project nights, I like to spend a lot of time with the kids outside during the day.
After lying in their bed for 15 minutes or so, they are normally fast asleep.My kids actually love mom to switch things up a bit and play extra outside or do a contest. It’s something that we use when we are in a crunch for time.Hope these sneaky tips help your family!

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