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Most of the work I do as a counsellor is with couples – married, defacto, heterosexual, gay and lesbian.
I work with couples to identify major concerns in the relationship and work with them to understand and change those in order to restore a healthy functioning couple relationship. Ripple tumbling is when you line up any number of people in a line, then have them throw a tumbling pass (running or standing) one at a time in a ripple effect. 2.) Ripple with the flag - As the flag comes along, do ripple tumbling as the flag passes each person.

3.) Dominos - Ripple your tumbling from front to back, and when you get to the back throw a basket toss. The Rich & Healthy Witch by StarFields - The essential survival guide for real magical people - see here. Most spells have the "make it so" punch at the end, which gives the instruction for our champions and all parts of our self to get to work.
And the spell can also be sung, danced, drummed, walked or built in this way into any other type of ceremony.

Mantra Spells, Spell Loops, or Spell Chants don't have that instruction and are designed to go round and round, for as long as is desired or necessary.

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