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Dark Mirror, Ornately Artistically Embellished Holy Altar Dedicated To The Glory Of Divinity ! Our new altar, dedicated for the glory of Divinity is eight feet long and three feet high- the very top or crest is about seven to eight feet high.
Painting of "Dakota's Gate" High Enchantress Orca Spirit Guide, Dakota artistic rendition by High Enchantress Lady Windglows. Rewitched is the 5th episode of the eighth season and the 161st overall episode of Charmed.

Billie jeopardizes the Charmed Ones' new lives when she uses her powers and is caught by Homeland Security Agent Murphy, who suspects the Halliwell sisters are not dead.
Phoebe casts this spell to reverse the spell she previously cast to change their and Leo's appearances. Billie's potions to go up against the (at the time) unidentified demon.Billie brewing a potion for the To Make Lovers' Dreams Come True spell.
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