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Even if it means protection from dangerous, even fatal diseases, having a needle jabbed into your skin and liquid sickness squirted into your flesh is no fun for anyone.
As you might expect, microneedle arrays administer vaccinations with a whole bunch of tiny needles that are sufficient to get stuff through the skin, but not big enough to hurt.
When Nvidia's new, powerful and surprisingly affordable GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card was announced, the graphics chipmaker did something interesting. Fossils are cool and during an expedition earlier this year in Antarctica, scientists from the University of Queensland scientists collected a whole ton of them, some dating back to the Cretaceous era.

There are other needleless injection solutions out there, but a new microneedle array made completely out of dried sugar promises to make vaccination not only painless, but dirt cheap.
On top of all that, sugar is pretty dang cheap, so with just the right injection-mold, you can churn these suckers out for next to nothing. Hopefully it won’t be long before this sweet, pain-free prick hits the world at large. That's probably why SpaceX has tapped legendary costume designer Jose Fernandez to develop its own in-house spacesuits.

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