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Papa Hector’s Spells are White Magic Spells and are 100% Safe and work for Highest Good of all Concerned.
ONCE WE RECEIVE EVERYTHING WE NEED FROM YOUR SIDE, YOU WILL BE EMAILED THE CASTING DATE FOR YOUR SPELL, YOUR SPELL WILL BE SCHEDULED AND CAST ON THAT DATE. Papa Hector has a very busy schedule and there is a waiting list for Consultations and Spell Works. Send in your questions and required info once your order is complete and you will receive your consultation by Papa Hector via email with your questions answered, and if your case is accepted, you will be given the needed information on how to proceed.
Once your order is completed, you will receive an email within 2 Business days to Schedule Your Appointment.
After I broke up with my ex I spent a lot of time wishing that I could just turn the clock backwards. I will love to share my testimony with all people because i never thought i would have another chance with my boyfriend, the man i wanted to marry left me for another woman, and when i called him, he never picked my calls,he deleted me on his facebook account and then set the status to having a girlfriend with the other chick.
Hi, I just got a reading from hector I too wanted the same thing my ex back and hector said very similar chances very low what percentage did he give you just curious. Amber Romance is a warm and alluring blend of black cherry, creme anglaise, vanilla and sandalwood. Here in Brazil we're on our first cold front of the year (even being weeks into autumn already). Unfortunately, nor the body spray or the ETD lasts on my skin, although the body butter helps a lot. This is a typical modern uncomplicated golden vanilla where the sweet notes play the bigger role and outshade any attempt to come out for other included notes (if any). Not stinky, it reminds me of old TBS Golden Vanilla,but definetely for sweet tastes and can be sickening in warm weather. I received the Amber Romance lotion as a gift when I was a teenager, and I couldn't be more pleased with the smell at first.
Later, I gave it to my grandmother who mixed it with her sunscreen to give it a nicer smell.
I remember being a late teen and searching for a way to start smelling "sexy." This scent was one of the scents that helped me do that! After a while it developes into a sweet vanilla scent which is quite intoxicating to be honest. So let me tell you my story: my sister took me to a store called Victoria secret when I was 6 or 8 idk can't remember. I have had this in the body spray version for two years and just started using it this past week.

I can smell something like cherry candies when it's first sprayed, but only for a fleeting few moments.It's backed up by a creamy yet very feminine vanilla behind. I can't really smell amber in this which is weird, it's more a milKy vanilla when it dries. This review is NOT for the EDT but for the Amber Romance 'Fragrance Mist' and 'Hydrating Body Lotion' instead. Amber will always be close to my heart, as Amber Stones (resin) are very popular worn as jewellery in my home country, which I miss dearly. I have to say that Amber Romance stands on its own among other Amber scents that I've tried so far.
I like Amber Romance a lot because there's something about it that is different from other vanilla amber concoctions.
Tested this the other day in the new Victoria's secret that's opened in Birmingham and I've gotta say I fell in love with it. Rebecca Minkoff is still one of my favorite fashion designers and I love how she is always reinventing her handbags. They are even customized to Target & Attract Your Desire to help you get what you want! The longer you wait, the more work it will take to attain your goal (if attainable at all) and the longer the list grows! No words can express how grateful I am to have found someone that is so real and dedicated. Although is a delicious scent to wear in warmer nights, when is TOO HOT is basically impossible to wear, cause it turns into a suffocating sweet bomb. You're on your bedroom, with you fan turned on and rotating (cause you like the feeling of the air moving around).
However, upon putting it on I had an episode of sneezing, as did my best friend, followed by a headache.
I found the EDT for 13 euros, and due to good reviews here I thought I would give it a shot. A spray or 2 is all I need since its lasts on me all day and night,its definitely a warm very amber, musky with tiny,tiny faint hint of vanilla scent. The body lotion is best due to the strong alcohol smell of the EDT, as with all of VS body sprays. That is one of the reasons that turned me off from Target and their affordable designer line.
I am now a believer of what you do and that there are powers we normal humans can not understand.

My sincere gratitude also goes to Luck, who had been so patient and kind and answered (and is still answering) all my queries and help(s) me out so much. I shower then spray this on me, pour a glass of wine with some macarons and enjoy reading confessions by Cristina lopez on kindle.
Great on days you don't feel like wearing a full-on perfume, or on really hot days when an EDT is just too much. I own the bodyspray and when first sprayed it seems to become a sugar bomb but it quickly calms down to a furry and pleasant amber that plays nice on skin. He is very kind and when you talk to him, you’ll feel so much at ease and you can almost feel a calm spreading. The lasting power is not bad for the price point - it`s a generous skin scent, and I can tell it`s there for 4-5 hours. On my skin it dries down to a caramel cotton candy and I can't believe I've been sleeping on this gem. Perfect for wear all year round, but I did prefer it more during the colder months, and only wore it at night time during warmer weather. The mixed feelings of the breezy air on your face and the warm body gives you that comfortable feeling of "home". I received many a snuggle while wearing this from guys I dated over the years, and never received any negative complaints on it. Cashmere Mist is too sweet and fruity for my tastes, I liked it at first but got sickened of it after just a few wears. This was my first amber romance The Eau de Toilette has a sort of warmth which a real amber can provide and a chamomile tea scent, vanilla and milk (which smell the same) aloe vera and sugar. It's gorgeous, soothing and perfect to spray on your Victoria Secret lingerie and to help you as you drift off to sleep. Hector, I am able to see the light of the day and Im truly happy and things can only go upards from here for me. But Amber Romance is fresher, more luminous, sweet without being sickening, and it's also creamier and fluffier. The mist doesn't have a long life but it's sweet, light and a perfect skin scent to wear when you don't feel like wearing any perfume.

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