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By clicking on the button above, I confirm that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Here’s a senior dating dilemma: On one hand, the society we live in tells people of a certain age that their best opportunities for love and romance have come and gone.
The most important single senior dating tip of all is this: Love is exciting and meaningful at any age.
Any dating advice involving Gemini women must begin with a profound recap of the Gemini personality.
If you look at the historical literature of astrological signs, few other horoscope signs get such a bad rap than Gemini. Descriptions like two-faced, back stabber, traitor, Benedict Arnold, Judas, these are often thrown at people born under the sign of the twin.
The reason for this deep historical misunderstanding of the Gemini persona is that people are easily taken in by Gemini charm. In most cases, what makes Gemini people great friends and lovers is precisely what causes all the trouble. For example, if you meet a Gemini and you know the person because you do certain things together, it’s easy for you to look at that person based solely on that context.
For example, if you meet a Gemini and you see that this person is kind and caring, you think that those two personality traits completely define that person. Because if certain circumstances happen or certain challenges take place, this person can show other aspects of their personality. This is why it’s really nothing short of heartbreak to see all throughout history and even today, Gemini people really being looked at with suspicion and skepticism because people are afraid to trust them.
The reality is if you make the effort to completely know a Gemini, you won’t be surprised. So when something happens and a different side of the person shows up, you already saw that side and there’s nothing to see here. Keep these factors in mind when analyzing the two dating tips for Gemini women I outlined below. They have this childlike quality to them which translates to being very passionate, to being very curious and enjoying life and they have a high ability to enjoy life.

The downside is that you are so charming that it’s easy for your relationships to involve only one-way conversations. This is a great thing, but the problem is the conversations also tend to focus on what you’ve already agreed on.
If you want your relationship to become deeper, if you want your dates to become more meaningful, make sure that your conversations are a two-way street. Exercise that deep level of curiosity that you have and ask a lot of questions regarding your date. If you are the typical Gemini woman, you’ve probably already experienced a situation where you had a good friend or a great lover in the past that basically felt betrayed by you.
Move on because I’m sure there will be somebody there that would appreciate you for being you. If you have to put on a show, put on an act, guess what, you will disappoint and frustrate people down the road and it will be a nasty breakup. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. After spending a lifetime learning to be “serious” and “responsible,” it can be hard to remember the cardinal rule of dating: Have fun! But a first date is not the time to give an emotional account of your husband’s illness and death, or your wife’s decision to leave you and join an ashram in India. People who accused Gemini of basically being two-faced or having two different personalities don’t understand the Gemini personality.
Gemini people are so charming that it’s very easy for people to just get stuck in one aspect of their personality. You won’t be caught off guard because you took the time, effort and energy to truly know the person in and out.
In other words, the person that you’re talking is not really learning anything new about you.
You can’t find it by hiding yourself and then all of a sudden, certain things happen and other aspects of your personality show up and guess what, your lover feels betrayed. On the other hand, a part of you still feels like an adventurous teenager, regardless of what age appears on your driver’s license.

If you are a senior dating again for the first time in years, you’ve probably overcome painful obstacles to get here. Senior dating is not about filling someone’s now empty shoes or avoiding a repeat of past hurts. However, some aspects are so charming that we fall into the common trap of defining Gemini’s based solely on those personality traits. So stop talking about yourself so much and make sure that your conversations always go in both directions. Try to be friends with them, but definitely cross them off on your list of potential lovers. Perhaps you’ve survived the death of a cherished spouse, or maybe a divorce that tested your sense of self and your ability to trust.
Some children are overly eager for you to date again and pressure you to “get out there.” Others are horrified at the idea, equating senior dating with betrayal of their other parent. It is about starting over entirely and finding new things to love about another unique person.
The problem is you chose to define this person based only on a small subset of their personality traits.
This is the “timeless you,” who experiences a tingle of excitement at the thought of new romantic possibilities.
It is commonplace to wear those experiences on your sleeve and to let them dominate conversation when dating again. It’s true that many dating rules have changed, but this much never will: laughter, spontaneity, and a healthy appetite for fun are still highly attractive.

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