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Check out these five tips on how to locate a babysitter that is perfect for your family and lifestyle. Use who you know.There are probably tons of people around you on a daily basis who may know the perfect place to start looking for a babysitter.
Conduct a telephone interview before an in-person interview.You can tell a lot from a person by how they sound and act on the phone. Check their references.Once you find some potential candidates, have them provide at least three references for you to personally contact and make sure they actually have experience. Run a background check.This may seem invasive, but it is necessary to ensure that your child is safe with the babysitter and that you too feel comfortable leaving your children alone with them. AS THE WINTER SEASON APPROACHES AND THE WEATHER IS GETTING COOLER, HOW ABOUT BRINGING A LITTLE HEAT TO YOUR NIGHT OUT LOOK; it’s all about smoking up those eyes and looking as mysterious as can be. With the winter season approaching us and going out getting more frequent; never underestimate the power of a sexy dazzling smoky eye. The most common eye shapes that need correction with makeup are; small deep set eyes, and large protruding eyes. At first glance, one would think a sultry, smoky look is impossible if you have small deep set eyes. The Correction needed for small deep set eyes is to make them look more Protruding, make the lid appear larger as it is usually quite small; and make the eye look larger. Always apply a light color pencil on your waterline (white or light blue) instead of a black or brown pencil.

If you have prominent eyes however, you'll want to reduce the appearance of your large lids without creating a beauty disaster. Correction for large protruding eyes is the opposite; where we try to make the eyes look smaller in size, and more deep set. Using a blending brush and a powder eye shadow of a similar color blend the cream eye shadow all the way up to the crease.
About Faces: Faces is the leading Middle East beauty retailer, with locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Egypt. Knowing that someone else is going to be spending extensive time with your child can make it hard to find someone you trust. Start by asking friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, doctors and parents in your pediatrician’s office for referrals. Make sure to screen the person via phone before an in-person interview to spare yourself the trauma of meeting someone who doesn’t meet your expectations. Call each and every reference they provide to see if what they’ve told you thus far is true and if the person feels that they would make a great candidate for a babysitter. Before you hire someone full time make sure to have them watch your children at least once while you’re at home. When applied to your lids for a special party or a dramatic evening it doesn't disappoint the wearer. The trick with smoky eyes is that it is a lot of makeup; and without understanding your eye shape and how to enhance it properly your smoky eyes can take away from the beauty of your eyes rather than flatter them.

We will be taking you through the essential dos and don’ts for each eye shape, and a step by step tutorial. Use light-colored shadows instead of a jet-black hue to make your eyes look larger and brighter. To transform your eye from same-old, same-old to smoldering, apply dark-colored shadows to your lids to reveal a smokin' hot and foolproof evening eye. Apply volume mascara or even eyelashes for a more dramatic look on your upper lash line only.
Most moms can commiserate about how difficult it is to leave their children in the care of someone else but luckily there are some great ways to find a child care provider that can put your fears at ease. If their references check out and the telephone interview went well, ask them to come to your home to meet you and your children. Don’t stand over them, but be nearby so you can observe and hear how they interact and play with your children and how they naturally get along. It is easy to end up with dark smudges in the corners that make you look as if you had a sleepless night or looking tiered.

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