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Guest 1: Chris Proulx from Double Midnight described the literal 3 ring circus that will be held on Free Comic Book Day. StoryBundle’s proud to present the Sci-Fi Saturday Night Bundle, a collection of 7 titles curated exclusively by Sci-Fi Saturday Night. Demonic Visions & Death Dreams Deluxe by Chris Robertson “Some of these stories are creepy enough to literally make your skin crawl!
The Charters Duology by Matthew Wayne Selznick “In a world where science has altered some children by genetically enhancing their physique, they must navigate the turbid political waters of the adult world as well as the world of their unaltered peers.
Tonight’s guest is Griffin Ess, legendary artist of many manly pinups and puntastic prints. Our guests this week were Alan Hebert (Creator of Lazerman),  and Chris Hebert (Artist of Lazerman).
Additionally the following two inkers received Hall of Fame awards: Dick Ayers, Murphy Anderson. It’s been a horrific and taxing week for everyone here in Massachusetts and the entire country.
Everyone in the SFSN family is currently safe and sound and staying home and well away from any areas of danger. Tonight’s guest is Colin Solan who talks about the exciting developments in this year’s Boston Comic Con. Jeff and Silent Jay, the organizers of the Queen City Kamikaze Con joined us to share how they’ve made their event bigger and better than ever!
In lieu of Doug Jones, who had to get to this little show in California, we got the chance to catch up with Scott Perry and Adam Mock who worked with Doug on Mime Very Own Book.
Fallen Superheroes is a caricatured look at extraordinary everyday people through the visionary lens of celebrity photographer Eric Curtis.
Granite State Comicon will be held at the Raddison Hotel in Manchester, NH this Sunday, June 10 from 10am-4pm. Tonight’s guest is Tony Diana, the director of Attack of the Atomic Zombies, which was the official film of Boston Comic Con 2012. This week’s guest is Zack Kruse, founder of Summit City Comic Con which takes place in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It’s another two-guest show tonight! Kevin Eastman, co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and publisher of Heavy Metal magazine, and Jeremy Bastian,  the creator of Cursed Pirate Girl join us to discuss their current projects, Justin Beiber, and their upcoming appearances at Boston Comic Con.
Reprising her appearance last week, we also had the pleasure of speaking to Laura Ortiz, but this time she was joined by her equally fabulous Holliston co-star Corri English. Tonight’s guest is actress Laura Ortiz, whose first movie was The Hills Have Eyes and who has since done voice work for several productions including Robot Chicken and Horton Hears a Who. Our guests are Pam Larson and Mary Dumas of Nauticon, a 21+ Fanvention to be held in Provincetown, Ma., May 18-20.

Video: Barack Obama blanketed the airwaves with an unprecedented 30-minute prime-time advertisement. Multimedia: In the final days of the US election, the Herald takes a trip down the campaign trail with Sarah Palin.
Washington Correspondent Anne Davies meets locals from swinging states Ohio, Virginia and Pennsylvania.
Audio slideshow: Washington Correspondent Anne Davies travels to some US swing states and talks to the locals. Audio slideshow: Vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin speaks at the Republican Convention. Audio slideshow: Former communications director for John McCain says Sarah Palin is a risky choice.
Audio slideshow: Barack Obama accepts the Democratic Party's nomination in his Convention speech. Audio slideshow: Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's powerful oratory skills and message of change commands crowds of thousands, but can he command the nation?
When news happens:send photos, videos & tip-offs to 0424 SMS SMH (+61 424 767 764), or us. Stop by either store on the day of to get scads of free stuff and meet some amazing artists!
Kristi Petersen Schoonover has managed a feat that eludes most horror writers; she has seamlessly blended horrific reality with horrific fantasy. Morin joined us this week to chat up the third book of his Twinborn Trilogy, Sourcethief, and his process in writing them. We chatted while they had less than a day left on their fully funded Kickstarter campaign to produce the second Lazerman trade paperback. Join their mascot, Chester the Squirrel, on February 16 at Manchester Memorial High School between 10AM to 7PM. Using superheroes (think Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Superman) as the allegory, Curtis explores the not-so-glamorous and sometimes dark realities of those who strive to live their dreams against all odds. He told us about the unique creative process for the film, the fun of finding himself on IMDB, and his future projects.
Summit City focuses mainly on artists and strongly supports the interaction of presenters in Artist’s Alley with guests.
The original steampunk city, the Watch City Festival  is a street fair that takes place all over Waltham, MA which has a rich industrial history that blends perfectly with steampunk themes. She is accepting commissions before and during the convention, and you can see her work on her Deviant Art page. Tom is currently working on the 3rd book in his  series based on the Bone comics by Jeff Smith, and Bone: Quest for the Spark #2 is available now!

Nauticon is billed as an event where all fans of any type of fandom can attend and feel comfortable discussing topics of a more adult nature than is normally appropriate at general conventions. When I first met Allen and started reading his work, I was caught up in the fact that he has found his niche in a sub-genre that had been passed over for years.
They are currently available on Amazon and if you want a sneak peak into his universe there’s a free download of the short story prequel, War-Bringer.
This year the con will encompass both main ballrooms of the venue, doubling the floor space from last year. Curtis once again pairs his trademark imagery with the witty prose of Scott Allen Perry and Adam Mock (Mime Very Own Book), making Fallen Superheroes an eye-popping, gut-busting, esoteric commentary on the unique individuals who color our lives.
He also gave us the rundown of the new costume contest format, which allows more time to enjoy the con. Trailers for the film are on YouTube and the entire film will be screened at Rhode Island Comic Con. If you like what you hear, we recommend checking out Norman’s blog, which contains more of his thoughts as well as information about the digitization of many of his published works. Events include a choose your own adventure pub crawl, hot air balloon rides, mime classes (for kids), and special performers all over the city. He told us that the next installment of the Remy Chandler series is on its way, and we discussed the publisher model and why no one has read his hidden gem, Legacy. I found out last April via GoodReads that he was kickstarting a new novel, and after he had raised over 10 times his goal, I was treated to Hollow World. For each interaction on the card you can get a stamp at the corresponding table for completing it. Many events are open to the public, but purchase of a pass entitles the bearer to all events as well as special discounts at many restaurants and shops.
Pam and Mary also work on humongous events like Anime Boston, and are working on a bid for WorldCon in Disney World. The Watch City Festival is presented by the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation  and runs May 11, 12, and 13 in Waltham MA.
As a side note, while on the show, Pam and Mary announced that they would nominate SFSN for A HUGO AWARD! Summit City also has some great activities specifically geared towards kids, such as a kids only costume contest and a kids’ comics workshop at the Allen County Public Library.

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