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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Back in my freshman year of high school I bought an HP iPAQ Pocket PC (no relation to the iPod) which for those who don’t know is a Palm Pilot style device that ran Windows Mobile 5, a dialect of Windows CE optimized for such devices.
As soon as I unfolded the keyboard and turned on the screen during my English class, all my classmates descended upon me with over-the-top enthusiasm. Later in the year, I actually found one class which I could use the iPAQ in without drawing so much of a distraction. With new tech being released such as the Android tablets and the iPad 2, not to mention the predictions that e-readers will be huge this year, I feel that professors should realize the advantages these devices give to students and not assume they’ll simply be another distraction.

Before the smartphone revolution, Pocket PCs were all the rage, and they came with cool little accessories such as a folding keyboard and a stylus. Our world history teacher left in search of a better job in the beginning of 9th grade, and thus we were without an actual teacher until the next semester. Seeing as the keyboard was full-size, the iPAQ seemed an ideal device to take into class and use to help me jot down the multitude of notes that were thrown at me each day.
The interim teacher we got for the first semester had never taught before, and knew entirely zilch about world history. Even during my first semester in college and the first few weeks of the second semester, it seems that the only place I can use my laptop to take notes is in my computer classes.

His tests were entirely book-based to the point of which he’d open to a random page, copy a sentence from the book, delete some words, and have us fill in the blanks. I built a 50 page study guide (single spaced!) of every definition and random fact in our textbook, and proceeded to achieve high marks in a class most people couldn’t manage a C in.

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