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These quotes are perfect as finishing touches to your card and special day, as the right quote can get you extra points no doubt about it.
It’s funny how we set qualifications to the right person to love, when we know at the back of our heads the person whom we truly love will always be an exception. Teenagers also love to celebrate the special day, called Valentine ’s Day just like adults does. OK, Thanks to some folks in Private Messaging (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, THANK YOU!!!!) I know what the problem is. Anyone who has an apostrophe " ' " (a single quote mark) in their forum screen name, it's not working right now.

On This special day, a lot of people across the world share gifts, give cards and flowers and go on a date with their loved ones or someone dear to them. If you feel like making someone feel special, excited and grateful for your attention, you may used one or two of the quotes about the special day to show your love to your family, friends and special someone how much they mean to you. So, if you wish to greet someone but too nervous to confess about your feelings, use these simple but cute quotes for valentine to woo your special someone. Buying him a card with cute or romantic valentine quotes can certainly him, check out my favorite quotes just for him.
The occasion is a way for lovers to spend time together, for friends to get together and for families to create special moments to strengthen bond.

No matter what language people spoke or what ethnicity they belonged to, their emotional behavior towards love was the same.
Scroll down to see awesome and lovely collection of hearts, cute couples doing adorable stuff together, red roses, flowers garlands and much more.
Interestingly they all were almost the same words in all different languages.This makes me wonder we, the human race, are all the same in all our basic emotions, behavior, sentiments and reactions.

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