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If you have to keeping looking over your shoulders while you are doing it then it's probably wrong.
Yeah, I know how you feel and I know that I am not the only one who have been through this exact situation, a guy walking out on us and then telling us that we are too clingy, over the years I have learned a few things about being clingy and how to avoid it and today I want to share those lessons that I have learned with you so you won’t make the same mistakes that I did. There is a very thin line when it comes to being a clingy girlfriend and just a loving one, we all become the clingy girlfriend at one point or another in our lives, sometimes without even knowing it, being clingy is not all that bad as long as you know where to draw the line, you have to know when to stop when to give him a break because being too clingy can end your relationship. Not every guy like the ‘clingy girlfriend’ and hell no I don’t like the ‘clingy boyfriend’ I should be able to have space in my relationship.
Clingy girlfriends aren’t bad it’s just that they feel as if they aren’t loved enough so they do everything to feel loved. Remember before you use to date how you would have girls night or you would go to the club? Remember you need time away from each other that is a must, so when your partner is away with his friends stop focusing on what he is doing because it will change nothing, the only thing that will happen is that you might get so jealous that you pick up the phone call him and ruin your relationship, he will feel as if you don’t trust him and no one wants to be in a relationship with no trust that’s a fact. I get it maybe someone betrayed you before and now you can’t trust anyone again but you have to realize that every guy is not the same and you have to learn to start trusting again or else you won’t have your relationship much longer. Stop trying to compete with his ex girlfriend that just reeks or insecurities and desperation, not every relationship is going to be the same, take my advise the less you talk about your X’s the better it is for your relationship, at least no one will be competing with their partners X’s.
Not because a man talks to a pretty girl that doesn’t mean he wants to bang her it simply means that he is talking to her.

Remember before he met you he had a life of his own, he had friends and he had his family, don’t take that away from him in fact you can’t, you got to let the man spend time with his friends. Maybe he prefers spending time with his friends rather than spending time with you because he thinks that you are always available for him, what you should do is stop being so available for him, have a life of your own, go out with your friends or family, turn the tables on him and that will make him want to spend more time with you. Him working late could just be that, him working late, you don’t have to read into everything that he does this only shows that you don’t trust him and he will see it too if you continue behaving like that. If he wants to have an affair he will and there is nothing that you can do about it, and if you continue to be so suspicions of everything that he does he will only want to have that affair even more, you have to learn to trust him, give him the benefit of the doubt.
We all have life’s of our own, we are all different not because you have time to talk on the phone all day means he has time,  don’t force him to do what you want, you are different people and the sooner you understand that the better it is for your relationship.
Tell him that it would be nice if he could call every couple of hours and keep each other updated and if he likes it he will do it but if he don’t he won’t so love him for him or find someone new that likes the same things that you like. Yes it is great that you can go places together and have fun together but sometimes you should just let him go on his own, with his friends don’t be the girl who has to go into the man cave because you follow your man everywhere. Everyone deserves a little privacy and if you are in a relationship with someone you should be able to trust him, going through his phone just reeks of jealousy and desperation which is never a good thing. If there is something that you want to know, do the right things and ask him even though there is a possibility that he won’t tell you the truth there is also a possibility that he might tell you, and if he don’t eventually you will find out even if it’s years later. Respect yourself, no one has the right to treat you badly no matter how much you love them.

As the cricket World Cup enters its most crucial stage, the last thing you want is to be disturbed during a crucial moment of an exciting match.
The lack of love turns into insecurities and hence this is where they become the clingy girlfriend, trying everything to feel loved and appreciated.
Don’t give up what you used to do just because you are dating, do whatever it is that you were doing before you met your partner, therefore you can give your partner space, guys love their space and this is one of the biggest clingy girlfriend traits and I am going to repeat these guys hate it.
What I am trying to say is don’t push your friends and family away just because a new persons pops up in your life, remember your family will always be there but he may not, he may just fall out of love with you tomorrow what will you do then, when you have no friends and family to run to.
This is a person who has become somewhat obsessed with you, they can’t stop calling, they can’t stop texting and they constantly want to be around you, even when you have other things to do.
Keep space in your life for other people and don’t try to take away his time with his family either that is a bad decision.

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