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Italian groups supporting victims of sexual abuse by priests have called for the resignation of Bishop Diego Coletti of the northern diocese of Como after it was discovered that he tried to keep quiet Pope Francis’ laicisation late last year of an abusive priest. Bishop Coletti, 72, claimed he was acting under the Pope’s instructions, but the families of those abused by the former priest – Marco Mangiacasale – said it was the bishop’s decision to keep the news secret, not the Pope’s. The Diocese of Como confirmed on 12 February that the Pope had dismissed Mangiacasale, 50, from the clerical state on 11 December, just 11 weeks after the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) concluded a canonical trial against the former priest. Italian civil authorities had sentenced him to three-and-a-half years of reclusion (first in prison, and currently under house arrest) in spring 2012. Italy has seen relatively few allegations of abuse by priests, but the Vatican’s former prosecutor on abuse, Mgr Charles Scicluna, has expressed concerns about a “culture of silence” there.
Pretoria: The Catholic priest accused of making sexual advances was released on bail Monday. Quest'opera e distribuita con Licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione - Non commerciale - Non opere derivate 4.0 Internazionale.
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A diocesan tribunal sent the case to the CDF after concluding the initial canonical trial on 23 September.
Madea: You better get the hell up or when I come back up in here, you know what's gonna happen?
As leaves change into reds, golds, and oranges, we throw on scarves and boots, replace iced coffees with steaming pumpkin spice lattes, and spend weekends watching football. Once this is complete in the coming weeks there will be a lot more quotes by Madea and other authors. As the calendar moves to October 1, websites go “pink for October,” football players don brightly hued shoelaces and armbands, and pink ribbons adorn T-shirts, minivans, even jars of salsa. October has become synonymous with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a widespread campaign to promote breast cancer research, prevention, and treatment.Breast cancer is undoubtedly an awful disease. With about 250,000 men and women diagnosed yearly, we are well in need of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Sometimes this abuse has physical manifestations, but it is often emotional or psychological, which leaves no concrete evidence for police—in the case that the victim reports the crime.

Many victims cannot safely go to the police without fear of retribution, or worse still, they do not realize that they are experiencing abuse.
It’s a dangerous cycle that the people at the National Domestic Violence Hotline understand.The National Domestic Violence Hotline provides lifesaving tools and immediate support to enable victims to find safety and begin lives free of abuse. Meghan has been involved with various non-profit organizations that work to improve the lives of women: one component being the fight against domestic violence.
While she is fortunate to have no personal stories to recount, Meghan believes that domestic violence is serious crime and public health problem. All people deserve safe, loving relationships, and the National Domestic Violence Hotline is doing good work to deliver this.Meghan asks that this month, amidst all the pink, you don’t forget to think Purple.

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