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You knew all along that he wasn’t instrested in what you wanted, but you went along with it because like I said, you enjoyed the lifestyle.
Chantel is actually really pretty once she got that makeup on and puberty ended up slapping her, but here she is pulling a Selena aka hating on the other girls that are with Justin. Now Selena can run along and go chok- I mean hide under a rock with her 4 pounds of cocaine, and stop pretending as if Justin wasn’t obsessed with her even after the breakup. Oh and before I end this post, the recent shade between Yovanna and Justin is probably history repeating with Chantel. Don’t email me or go to my ask or submit or invade my mentions with what you have to say about this topic. This post you’re currently reading, was not planned until my other source, no not Alison, replied to me.
In one of my recent posts that you can find here, I said that Chantel was not happy that Justin reconciled with Selena.

I think it was Cailin, Ashley, and Cha(desperateforattention)ntel, who said something about meeting up with Selena or hanging out with her. I had like approximately between 4 and 12 million posts about how Justin was not the wrong in the relationship and how Selena is using this whole situation for attention. And Ashley and Selena became shade buddies and liked each other’s photos on Instagram. And the whole thing with him posting pictures of Ashley, in my opinion, I think he’s just posting that to bother her. Out of all people I should have known better since I have people telling me in detail everything Selena’s done to him. Barbara *closes eyes dramatically* oh Barbara, that’s the definition of a classy and mature woman. But really, I LOVE how everyone turned their attention to Hamas and ignored what the others are doing to innocent civilians.

High Schoolers in Palestine that just graduated and wanted to get on with their lives, have been shot and tortured. And trust me, it’s not fun to copy and paste my 6 million posts (I have a life I swear!). Selenators, you could relate to Justin when it comes down to not believing the truth (her being rude to you guys, drugs, her being evil, etc).
And of course like I preached about in my post about Palestine, the media isn’t giving it the coverage it needs.

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