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Give a ring to your partner as a token of love by hiding it in a glass of wine or a piece of cake.
Cards- it is true that we are moving towards technology but there are few things that look good if you follow them traditionally. For all you guys out there who are struggling to make your girlfriend happy, you have come to the right place.
It is quite difficult to understand what goes in a girl’s mind, but nothing is impossible. Yes, she might have burned the first toast she made for you, but still appreciate her for trying. So, there is a special woman that you want to make your girlfriend, but you don’t know how? There is no universal rule that you can apply in all woman to make them fall in love with you. Once you understand what she wants in a relationship then you should make her believe that you can provide all those things in the relationship. For example, if you find that she loose temper very often and she always feel ashamed of what she did then you should depict yourself as a cool guy who can control the temper of his potential girlfriend. According to psychology of attraction, if you hold a little longer eye contact with opposite sex then you will create extra level attraction for you.

So the point to be remembered is to hold a little longer eye contact while conversation with the woman you want to get. This entry was posted in Love and tagged love, make a woman fall in love on January 13, 2014 by Alex J.
The three golden words, sounds so simple and catching but have you ever thought how stressful it is to speak them for the first time to the one you love. So, be it a dinner out or a pendant necklace, don’t let her know the details before you actually do it. Once you understand them, then making a woman fall in love with you will be a doable thing for you.
The best way to know it is to check her Facebook profile.  See her likes, dislikes, interests, hobbies and many other things. Stevenson Hi, I am not a so-called dating expert who brags that he bangs 30 different women in 30 days and bla, bla bla. People share various love stories and terrific ways in which they have proposed their love.
Roses have always remained a major part and most of the dream proposal is composed of boy on knees with a rose bouquet.
Play the music that she likes or any soft romantic note and then easily propose her by going on your knees.

Since the time of Romeo and Juliet or even before them, a hand written card had always grabbed more attention than any other activity. Give her a supporting shoulder when she needs it the most, rather than giving out a lecture. Instead, I am simple guy who has been reading dating and psychology books since last 6 years.
It is really surprising that if a book could be written on it, it will be with endless lessons.
Who could say no if you are playing the soft music by Richard Marx or MLTR and at the same time confessing their love? Here I am trying to provide dating tips in a simple and better way that would be easy to remember and use. Nevertheless everyone has their own set of experience and ways but still some common ones always find their own way. There are no ideal ones to propose the one you love but yes there are certain ways that had worked with most of the people.

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