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We had rolled into New Bedford, Mass., for the annual Summerfest on Saturday morning, July 2nd, spit out of a twister. By Saturday, I shoulda€™ve been caught up on sleep, but struggled to find the energy for the game of musical chairs at Summerfest. Over the weekend, each of seven stages off the cobbled streets of the Whaling Museum district grew packed to overflowing. There was no mad dash for us for the first performance at the small canopied area at the National Park Garden Stage. That first act was a€?Introducing Liz Longley.a€? This proved to be a priority-changing event. I also managed to squeeze in an on-the-spot interview at a surprisingly subdued side room at the nearby, bustling Celtic Coffeehouse. Her father was a a€?really gooda€? jazz musician who played saxophone and had his own band. Exposure to chorus was minimal in grade school, but when she reached her early teens, she started singing with her dada€™s jazz group and continued until she was 18. Having begun writing on piano, Liz began performing with a friend, Sarah Zimmermann, who provided guitar backup. Additionally, Liz and Sarah performed at fundraisers, in particular a€?Relay for Life,a€? held every year to raise money for cancer research.
They also played professionally at local Pennsylvania folk landmarks Steel City (Phoenixville) and The Tin Angel (Philadelphia). After high school, Berklee College of Music in Boston was the only college Liz applied to because it offered songwriting as a major.
She still performs on piano when the opportunity presents itself, and thata€™s illustrated by two slow ballads on this CD where she uses her keyboard skills. Her upcoming shows dona€™t include anything in the New York metro area, but wea€™re hoping this article will change that. The photograph we found online for our a€?Radara€? July ad showed a drop-dead beautiful face, and we wondered if there was matching talent to back it up. High school proved to be the seeding ground for this musical maelstrom, this force of nature. After waking up from an operation, and still hopped up on anesthesia, this kid tells his mom that he and "his boy, Rocco" killed people in Dubai. Officials in Jackson, Mississippi, finally took action after residents threw a birthday party for a big pothole. Valentine's Day is fast approaching, but are you still stressin' over what to get your guy? Ever heard the saying, "The quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach?" Well, why not test that theory by baking your guy some special V-Day cookies or cupcakes?
I mean presents are great and everything, but whatever happened to good old quality time with your sweetie? One of the things I'm planning for this V-day (it's a few days before our one year, two month anniversary) is I'm going to give him a jar of heart-shaped pieces of paper, each of which says sweet little things like lyrics of some of our songs, comments like "Your hugs are incredible," inside jokes, etc. Guys, it's your turn - click here to find out what you should get your special girl this Valentine's Day! Just in time for back to school, I met with teacher, musician, yogini, and budding urban farmer Emily Gaines at merge for this week’s Empowering Neighbor interview. I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I knew what a teacher was, but I didn’t put it together for a long time.
So obviously as a music teacher, you are an advocate for arts education in the public schools.
On the homefront, you are rehabbing a house on the East Side to one day become a teaching farm with your boyfriend? About a year and half ago, we acquired this house on East Utica from one of his friends who didn’t want it anymore who had bought it through the homestead program. This may be the teacher in me, but this is something I was really struck by when I moved here – and is maybe changing a little bit, especially with the Capoiera community – but I’d like to see less segregated communities. With the building codes, I’m grateful they are working on the Green Code, because they’ve made it difficult (the old codes) to make green space, or an urban farm. Wednesday night, finish the July issue, then get two hours of sleep; Thursday, pedal-to-the-metal from NYC to Fall River, Mass. Newly appointed chair police at the main Custom House stage prevented attendees from saving seats for hours at a time. Seats opened up after each act and the first attendees to dash to freshly vacated chairs near the front became winners.
As usual, we arrived at the festival at about 9:00 am and the first show didna€™t begin until 11. Liz was scheduled to perform 10 days later on July 12 at the Living Room in New York Citya€™s East Village. From the very first notes, it was obvious that we were going to want to see and hear a lot more from this brilliant 23-year-old.

I would not be jumping from tent to tent, looking for the best seats, hoping to find something near the front at the big Custom House tent. For her first eight years her family lived in West Chester, Pa., then they moved a little further west, to Downingtown. Her mother was an aspiring singer, but lacked the time and opportunity to pursue it as a career.
Through her dad, shea€™d gotten exposure to Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan and they were her favorites, the ones she focused on. Other events included the high schoola€™s talent show and the senior prom, with both girls performing in their prom dresses. Liz said that she entrusted major decisions in the studio to producer Glen Barrett and enlisted feedback from her parents to help her decide what, in the end, would be the right sound for her on each track. These include a€?Little White House,a€? seemingly a farewell to her childhood, and a€?Unraveling,a€? another farewell of sorts to her grandmother, suffering from Alzheimera€™s.
Her dad told her, a€?If youa€™re going to learn to have a career as a musician, youa€™d better start now.a€? Actually, performing after college was a continuation of what shea€™d been doing since high school and during her four years at Berklee. The Arizona student, who attended Red Mountain High School, exposed his genitals in his high schoola€™s varsity football team photo after being dared to do so by a teammate. Get ready to impress that special someone with these cool Valentine's Day gift ideas for both guys and girls! Instead of racking your brain for the perfect symbol of your love, take a look at these cool gifts to help you impress your sweetheart!
This sleek MP3 player features wireless sharing, video playback, a built-in FM tuner and 1.8 inch color LCD screen. Grab his fave mag, a few chocolate bars and maybe a mixed CD of his fave artists or a compilation of love songs! Everyone start to feel either depressed, faraway from family or go into superiority complex. A Rochester native who made Buffalo home after college and a brief teaching stint in Maryland, Emily is just one of countless amazing teachers that have touched our lives. We just met with MUSE [Musicians United for Superior Education] the other day and we were plotting what we’ll be doing with them this year.
It’s going to be a community space – we’ll live in the upstairs, and downstairs we’ll be a magical studio of many things. It’s really important we make it possible, probable and easy for people to grow their own food. Every person that I’m talking to so far when I’m working in my garden is totally excited about what we’re doing and they’re thanking us for doing something positive in their neighborhood, and happy. Then, with breathtaking suddenness it darted upward, taking the hollow in my chest along with it. The chairs were empty and there were no chair police to prevent us from saving a couple of seats for the first act. Wea€™d see her then, of course, since we never miss WFUV DJ John Platta€™s monthly a€?On Your Radara€? series. Instead, I followed Liz from one stage to the next, seeking the best photos and videos of her that I could get (below). Her earliest memories involve driving around with her father in the family VW convertible with the top down and music blasting from the car stereo.
The lone cover, a€?People Get Ready,a€? demonstrates a command that allows her to take ownership of the song.
While it did come up in our interview, her Facebook page states it more succinctly: a€?In high school, I was a marching band nerd. The photo was then published in the schoola€™s yearbook a€” somehow without a single person noticing. Find out if she has a heart-shaped cookie cutter and get her to show ya how to whip up a batch of pink or red icing. It comes in black, green, pink, and just for Valentine's Day, they've introduced the red Zune and 20 new limited-edition designs that can be laser-engraved on the back! Remember that most guys aren't going to be too thrilled with a picture frame covered in hearts or flowers, so get something fairly plain.
Show him that you're paying attention to him and he probably won't complain (as much) the next time you drag him to a chick flick.
She currently teaches vocal general music at Bennett Park Montessori Center, Buffalo Public School 32 on Clinton Street.
But I wanted to be in the city because I believe I can make a difference, and want to be somewhere where I can make that happen. As she states on her Facebook page: a€?I grew up listening to Joni Mitchell and Karla Bonoff. James Taylor, Karla Bonoff, Joni Mitchell and Sarah McLachlan were among the names she cited. I was surprised that she hadna€™t sought feedback from anyone at Berklee, but kept to the formula stated above. One is a version of Joni Mitchella€™s a€?Rivera€? in which Liz hits some high notes that Joni herself might not be able to handle anymore.

You could also grab a cheap wooden frame at the dollar store and use a hot glue gun to stick nuts and bolts to it.
Take a moment to send a note to one of your favorite teachers this week and let them know how they empowered you!
They integrate both visual art and music, and anything, and we try to integrate it into the greater curriculum and get the whole school involved. We’ve already had a lot of neighbors stop by who are psyched, and it also got us involved with East Side House Works. We try to keep the actual number of members to ten so that we can get to everyone’s houses, but every other weekend a whole day is dedicated to working on one of the group member’s homes, and whoever’s house that is, they get the supplies ready, and they tell them if they need tools.
There’s a woman named Larissa – who also teaches at Buffalo Public – and she’s always there with a smile on her face.
Past is past, and I know there’s a lot of history as to why certain people are in certain places in the city but I think it’s absolutely time for that not to be true. My kids, I try to treat them with as much love and respect as possible, and they need that. But we didna€™t know her, so we figured it would be a good idea to get acquainted before seeing her at the Living Room. The first two use a full studio band, complete with drums, bass, lead guitar backup, pedal steel a€” the works. The second is Van Morrisona€™s a€?Moondance,a€? which gives Liz a chance to show off her jazz vocal skills. When I wasna€™t on the field, I was writing music (on piano & guitar) and playing shows.
This week we are celebrating teachers, because teachers are some of the most under-celebrated, most amazing empowering neighbors in my book. My first year of college, I had no idea what I wanted to do, and one day I saw a concert – it was actually Trey Anastasio, and he looked so happy. We are creating an East Side version of Barn Raisers, along with awesome people like Megan McNally, Michael Gainer, Mike Rowley, Creighton Randall and lots of people I didn’t know.
Everyone comes to the house and works, and it’s a great way to nurture the community and get to know one another. She has lots of projects she wants to do on her own home but hasn’t decided yet, so she just keeps helping us all with ours! You take concrete, old recycled bottles – Merge was nice enough to donate a ton of bottles to us – you take a tile cutter pop off the bottom, put two bottoms together with duck tape and it becomes a circular glass block window.
When everyone is working together everything is stronger, and that’s something I want to see. They’re almost surprised if you’re not yelling at them sometimes, because they’re so used to it at home, or they’re used to acting like a parent themselves. This included a a€?concert night,a€? wherein the school invited students and parents to come to a performance solely by Liz and Sarah. In contrast, her third album, the latest, Hot Loose Wire, completed right after graduation, is stripped down a€” just her, solo, with either guitar or piano a€” pretty much what we see in concert. It wasn’t with Phish, it was his solo project and it was with trumpets, percussion and a different use of silence. And having it be something that functions like a forest that doesn’t need a whole lot of intervention, but is very beautiful. It was another reawakening of, “Wow, Buffalo is so awesome!” These are people who genuinely want to rebuild Buffalo and see its potential. People that are neighbors, who maybe have a house and want us to come to their house, or maybe just want to help have come, so it’s not just people from the homestead program, but people who have lived in that neighborhood a long time. So I incorporated that into regular glass block and built seven beautiful windows for the basement. Theya€™d bring in a song and other students would dissect it, asking questions like why a word was used in a particular place. And everyone up there looked so happy and this woman with the most beautiful voice was singing with him, and I thought, “Oh, that’s what I want to do!” Which was ten years ago and sounds absolutely crazy, but I still love what I’m doing. There were classes where songs by famous writers were analyzed, and Liz loved it all, soaking up every learning opportunity that came her way.
That diversity speaks to me, and being able to try to figure out how to help them each in their individual way, I take that really seriously as part of my job. And when the house is done, I can’t wait for them to come to classes – maybe they can take them with their families and learn how to garden.

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