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I can't tell you how happy I am that Ivy's long-running streak of losing more clothing with each game has ended!
Siegfried is coming back (of course) as well as Mitsurugi, but it looks like Taki and Sophitia are being replaced with a younger generation.
I'm waiting for designs for Amy so I can hopefully get an outfit of hers done for Otakon next year. Yeah It sucks that it seems like xianghua won't be making the initial roster, I just did her soul calibur 2 outfit. Viola's character design is absolutely beautiful but I'm kind of afraid of attempting her right now. I'm gonna be starting on Viola in the next few weeks, and I was thinking of having a petticoat underneath as well. So, completely ditched the petticoat option because I found a goodwill hoop skirt, and now Viola has her own 'satalite dish' hoop set.
My girlfriend and I have had our Leixia and Xiba costumes ready and rockin if anyone wants to throw a group together at any of the SoCal cons! I was going to spend the short amount of time I have before work this morning playing Pokemon, but there’s a fire in my lungs, and it just needs to be getting out.
We’ve all seen Spider-Man 3 by now, and half the people liked it, half of them hated it. If you think the fact that Pete pulls down some of his hair over his forehead makes him emo, you clearly have no concept of what the word means.
But seriously, emo haircuts are so different that it hurts me on the inside to know that people have misconstrued Parker’s hairstyle as such.

Generally speaking, emo kids will haul themselves up in their room all the time so that they can do stupid emo things, like cut themselves, blog about their feelings, and write crappy poetry. We’ll also take a look at the fact that if anything, Peter has a more active social life after the symbiote bonds with him. I really would like to go on some more, but for the sake of I can barely keep my ideas straight, I’ll cut out here.
Oh, and Spider-Man 3 is still my favourite of the trilogy based solely on Bruce Campbell’s fantastically hilarious cameo. If I don't like her design from this one, or if she isn't in the game, I'll just do her SCIV costume. I was thinking of going with the artwork because I'm not crazy about the colors as they look in the CG render.
I know a few characters from the previous games didn't make it into this one and they are making a pretty neat cast of new characters. So, today, you’re going to witness one of the very few actual bloglike posts here on the TE blog. You’re just throwing it out there because you heard someone else use it and you need to be the loudest in the sea of idiots who accuse everything of being the latest big buzzword.
If an emo’s girlfriend broke up with him, he would proabbly sit in his room, slicing his wrists to ribbons and writing shitty poetry with his blood. It's a shame, though, new costume versions for old characters are sometimes the fun of cosplay. And by that, I mean it’s going to be nothing but complaining about people complaining!

Be it jet black, jet black with red highlights, or jet black with blonde highlights, it is always dyed some colour. Emo kids dress like shit, and Pete’s fashion sense actually got better as he got eviler.
God knows that there are many, many problems with the film, but Peter Parker being emo is not one of them.
He went out and picked up a hotter girl (though nearly any girl is hotter than Kirsten Dunst), and proceeded to take her to the jazz club where his ex was working, and made a huge scene just to piss her off.
What I am trying to say is that you should really know what you’re talking about before you go criticizing something.
Now, I was a little perturbed myself by Peter’s makeover scenes, but for a completely different reason. You might say that Pete spent a lot of time in his room, but remember that it was solely to listen to that cop radio so he could find and destroy Sandman. Peter was many things in the movie; a crybaby, a prick, and kind of a douche, but he most certainly was NOT emo. Probably the worst part of this trainwreck chain of opinions is that you’re calling him emo based solely on his hair.
Peter exhibits not one other trait of someone who lives the emo lifesyle at all in the movie.

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