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When our middle child graduated from high school and a few months later left for college, I negotiated with myself.
Some people return to their kitchens again and again to make certain the stove is turned off before they leave home.
To deal with my nagging mind, my heavy heart and the lump in my throat, instead of texting my college freshman every day with bits of advice that would only confirm what he knew already, that his mom was on edge (aren't we all, don't they make us that way?), I started to draw pictures of things I wanted him to know.
I found that when I allowed myself time with my notebook to feel what I had to say, I was able to cope with not purchasing his favorite food when I went grocery shopping, the absence of his shoes piled at the front door and the funny stories about his day that I didn't get to hear in the kitchen at night. Instead, I was able to think through the things I wanted him to know about drinking and girls and life. I knew, like most freshmen away from home for the first time, he would most likely get sick, and I wanted to tell him how to take care of himself. I also wanted him to learn about resilience and passion and discipline, about loving intimately, being kind and being faithful. This is how I discovered the most important thing I needed to tell my son: It is a jungle out there -- a beautiful, ugly, unfair, glorious, devastating, exhilarating world -- and the most important thing to keep with you at all times so that you never, ever feel alone is a deep knowledge that you are cherished and you are loved.
These drawings are from Kathleen Buckstaff's Mother Advice To Take With You To College: Humor, Inspiration and Wisdom To Go.
SLPNSYD: Naomi is a busted woman and I can’t see why her busted rich boyfriend would want her. In reference to LSU gyrl's friend, I think your homie and her ex both have a lack of emotional maturity.
I wish your friend all the best, though, we are all human and all allowed to make mistakes, even when we try our hardest not to.
Densie: Naomie Campbell only goes out with very rich guys…I think she is spiritaully empty!

Your absolutely right, Naomi is one of the only supermodels from the 80's still modeling today. DaYuM U: You going through all this back and forth, over a low budget, 3rd rate, Z list, BET reality character.
I'm a dot-my-i's, cross-my-t's kind of gal when it comes to "It's a jungle out there and you need to know these things." When I worried, I reminded myself of my thoroughness, assuring myself that I told him important things so many times, he had to have heard me.
I wanted him to soak in sunshine and fun and friends while at the same time getting to know professors and challenging himself. Each time I sat in my office chair with my notebook and pen having just completed another drawing full of advice, I would stop, breathe and ask myself, "Is this love?" And every time my answer was yes.
Catch her without the weave and make-up and you'll be SURPRISED to see what she actually looks like lol!!! If it weren’t for them, rarely would these women be considered attractive, at best AVERAGE looking, but you pile 7 layers of makeup, a pile of weave or wig and BOOM, BANG, BONG, she’s beautiful.
And btw martin luther king is not the one u want to use as an example seeing as how he was a known cheater. The only time ANYONE has heard of her is if they happened to tune in to College Hill or knows her from around where she lives. She makes millions on her own and has been a model, let alone one of the most profitable and well known , since the 80s. But then it occurred to me: what if my son was tuning me out when something new came out of my mouth, something essential? I wanted him to have the courage to be different from everyone else if that's what his life purpose required. When I looked carefully at my anxiety and my sorrow, I saw that behind the fear and the grief was a huge reservoir of love.

And it's funny that mostly all men in Europe dress like that but there are more gay men in the USA than in the entire CONTINENT of Europe!
Our "heart"'s job is love, to desire, and something of the things we desire are NOT good for us. Milan is average looking to me but it is nice to see black men chasing after a black woman for a change. But I still had to deal with missing him and the fact that I had to pass his empty bedroom every time I walked down the hall. Sometimes I would sit in his bedroom with our dog and I would resist texting, "Did you floss?" Eventually, our dog, processing her own grief, would fall asleep on his pillow, and I would sit there with my broken heart, second-guessing myself. When you make a decision to marry someone, love is just ONE of a plethora of attributes necessary for a successful relationship, including honesty, integrity, communication skills, selflessness. Your friend seems to be lacking in these areas, not just with her husband, but also with herself.
Heidi Klum hoe ass supposedly daughter’s father was Naomi’s ex-boyfriend and he bought Noami a damn huge yacht among other things he loved Naomi but she ended things with him because she said he was a little bit to possessive!!
Heidi Klum hoe ass supposedly daughter's father was Naomi's ex-boyfriend and he bought Noami a damn huge yacht among other things he loved Naomi but she ended things with him because she said he was a little bit to possessive!!
When you get into the habit of always being honest with your own intentions and feelings, it's easier to be honest with the people you love.
I’m not jealous of her either so don’t call me a hater pleaseno need to be just my opinion Im real 100% from head to toe..

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