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Christmas Poems 2015:- The whole world is going to celebrate Merry Christmas Day on December 25th, 2015. Here we are publishing many Christmas wishing Poems for Friends and family, for boyfriend, for girlfriend and for wife & husband. You will get all Free Christmas poems, greetings and for family, friends, teachers and kids on our website. Who would have thought that six peasants sitting around a table in a one room shack in jolly-old England would influence popular parlance of today.
It's raining Cats and Dogs- Not unless Jackpot pisses me off while I'm walking him in the middle of a storm. The origins of this one are a little controversial, but I picked the one that seemed most plausible. Lucky for man's best friend (and worst if it was a cat) the rafters and roofs of the shack had a crawl space stuffed with grass, hay, back-fur, and pretty much anything else that could be used for insulation. Mommy and daddy serf needed a good nights sleep so they could get up at the crack of dawn to wallow in manual labor picking beats. Upper Crust- I might not look like the upper-crust, but I only use the top of the bun because my polack father burned the rest of it to shit. Besides being found on a wilting poster board that a long-gone occupy wallstreeter tossed in a dumpster, the phrase Upper Crust might be considered extinct. The recipe for a Feudal Serf's life was simple: work in the fields gathering turnips, split wood for winter, sleep, and repeat. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water- And I was worried about dropping my niece on her head. This endangered saying enjoys a relationship with "Upper-Crust" As mentioned before the head of the household had ultimate dibs on everything that made a serfs shitty life that much more livable. After going through the rigorous work of filling a bath they weren't just going to give that shit away. As mentioned before sons were prized above females because they could work a field longer and harder than their female counterparts.
The combination of paint-thinner alcohol in lead chalices, and acidic tomatoes on lead plates could slip a man into a self induced coma.
Dead Ringer- I thought my ex-girlfriend was a dead ringer: A sane, class-act that I could take home to my parents. This phrase is pretty much extinct for terms of everyday parlance, but I'm the dork at the bar that likes to use words only the upper crust will get. Apparently, the poor souls buried in the coffins didn't know the 3-inch death punch that Uma Thurman used to escape her pinewood box in Kill Bill.
Graveyard Shift- If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound?
I don't know if the philosophical question is morbidly derived from the term "dead ringer", but let me ask you this. Personal and professional medical insight on the topic of infertility and trying to conceive. People are searching many types of Christmas Poems such as Christmas poetry includes secular holiday poems, Christian Christmas prayers and verse two Christmas love poems and a Christmas tree poem. I'm no etymologist, and I haven't heard a couple in a long while, but I'm determined to raise these phrases from the dead by injecting them into bar room conversations.
Back in the 1500s peasants lived in one bedroom shacks, with stone floors, and maybe a single fireplace. I came across the phrase while dating a sun-kissed beauty whose father worked on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

It's sexist, but women weren't cut out for hard-labor in the fields like their male counter parts were.
And the few pleasantries of a serfs life; food, baths, and warmth went down the chain of command.
If you take her off my hands I'll pay for the wedding and slip you a couple twenties for your trouble. Growing up in Cicero, I found myself attending plenty of funerals, and the term "wake" always bothered me. So what is a guy do to after his buddy Stiffler comes over, drinks himself unconscious, and although he looks dead, you don't want to bury him alive. If no one is around to hear a ringing bell, is the guy ringing it six feet underground fucked? So instead of breaking the ice with a statement about the weather, why don't you help me out while throwing a little flavor into your conversations at the same time. During the winter the floor would get so cold that that if fido or fluffy curled up on the ground they would freeze to death. Coincidentally, canopies are linked to the saying, "It's raining cats and dogs." Could you deduce how? A screaming, scampering mouse or raccoon that fell from the rafters onto the sleeping couple. That is why sons were prized over daughters, and the patriarch was the most valued part of the household: because he could perform the most work. Starting with the father, one after another the family members would get to wash away body odor and filth that had been accumulating for months. Impregnate your wife as much as possible, hope the dice came up "Son," and put them to work in the turnip fields. If you've read the rest of this article you already know that baths were infrequent, and even if a girl got one it didn't cure the problem, it only helped it.
It was serendipitous that flowers also blossomed in spring, and they were collected and thrust into the hand of a bride for a cheap form of aroma therapy cover-up. Example- The Frost vodka I siphoned into a Grey Goose bottle sitting in my freezer is a "dead ringer" for the real McCoy. If someone woke up six feet below ground they could grab a hold of the string and ring the bell until someone came and dug them up. It would get itchy and the sticks wouldn't even hold up the switch thin frames of the serfs. Lacking technological kitchen innovations bread would frequently be burnt at the bottom and become more palatable as you reached the top.
Because of the state of medical science in the 1500's peasants didn't know that cleanliness prevented disease and infection so they would only take a bath annually or every couple of months. With each person's use the water became dirtier and dirtier until it was the color of ebony.
Of course if the baby was born a daughter it was still a sin to kill her (take notice China), so for lack of a better word, papa serf was stuck with the pair of socks he got for christmas.
This posed a problem for papa serf who needed to make his daughter as a attractive as possible for interested suitors. Celebrate the winter holiday season with your partner and wish them by sending all the Christmas Poem for friends, for family, for best friend, for best buddies from the website we are publishing here. Mice, beavers, raccoons, dragons, and anything else that made there way in from the outside would find safe harbor in the rafters from winter's nip.
Bed Canopies looked nice, caught drops of water, critters, and insects that fell from the thatched ceiling.

The best part of the bread, the upper-crust, would be reserved for the head of the household with the burnt bottom going to the lucky infant who might be able to chew it.
Usually the father would offer to pay for the wedding and sweeten the pot with some pittance of a dowry and wedding bells would ring.
It wouldn't help the cause if there was some serious stank comin off a bride on her wedding day. In those days lead was the mineral of choice.Although lead is poisonous they didn't know it back then and lead was everywhere, cheap, and since it was pliable it could be formed into anything. The answer is leave him right there on the table, and let all his buddies and relatives come and see that you made an effort. Sometimes the less caring didn't hold a wake for the comatose, and buried them straight-away. Then again were those words ever spoken to Adolf, Roosevelt, Alexander, Jesus, Patton, Khan, Fleming, Einstein, and Gutenberg, . The only problem being that roofing technology wasn't exactly in it's heyday, and grass, hay, and twigs don't form a water tight seal. It was such a technological accomplishment that men are still proud of it, and think it looks cool (bet they don't know why though). If the housewife wasn't diligent and became caught in the confusion and excitement of getting to bathe, she could end up throwing the camouflaged youngster out with the rest of the poo-water.
They cooked, cleaned, did some hard-labor, and were used for procreation, but daddy serf applying a cost-benefit analysis quickly saw that it would be better if his daughter left home.
And today that is why it is tradition for the bride's father to pay for his daughter's wedding. Well Britain gets as much rain as an Italian housewife gets gold, and water would seep through. As in, Carrie was upper-crust, her parents thought she should get the best of everything, and that Polish half-blood street-rat from Cicero doesn't qualify.
Although I don't know why you'd leave a baby in a tub alone, or how you wouldn't be able to see him,I guess stranger things have happened. Furthermore, distilling processes weren't in their prime, and the booze could knock out Robert Downy Jr.
A gravedigger would rent out a coffin for the ceremony, bury the dead, and then dig it up later and dump the body into the open grave. Sitting around in the dead (ha) of night at a graveyard listening for a ringing bell that might never come.
During the worst storms Fido and Fluffy would slip and fall through the cracks onto the sleeping kiddies. That is where the tradition of Dowries come from, and why fathers traditionally pay for the wedding.
But gravediggers started opening coffins and seeing scratch marks on the inside of the lid. I'm guessing 90% of the time the poor bastard working the graveyard shift was just bored out of his mind.

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