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I am just bothered because I am not dating them, and I want to date and have a good time and eventually find a good partner. You think that because you understand male behavior, you should be the woman men want to date. Click below to learn how a simple shift in attitude can foster true understanding of men, and manifest the relationship of your dreams. I hate spam as much as you do, therefore I will never sell, rent, or give away your email address. Previous Post » Men Always Give Me Their Phone Numbers But I Don’t Want to Call Them First! At the risk of sounding flippant or rude, and I apologize if I do, I’d like to add that Tray needs to get over her daddy issues. You’ve really NEVER had anyone but your dental receptionist call you to confirm an appointment? I have to wonder if the problem is that you’ve yet to find anyone who really interests YOU. Maybe you have some kind of psychological issue going on here, but could it be you just haven’t met anyone you’ve really *sparked* with yet? Tray is what I call a female player, ie a chick who plays the game like a dude who has some game. No one is going to kiss your ass that’s worth keeping, so you better get used to not having your ass kissed by quality guys. We have to be patient and empathetic to those that are pursuing us and maybe just maybe you can let a guy in, to see who you really are. You got a smart observation there that the kind of guys who will keep coming after being repeatedly pushed away are not the kind of guys a person wants to be in a relationship with.

I’ve got ten years on Tray, but have more than a little bit of the acerbic in me, too. And I try to remember that some men are perpetual players, but some men are just playing until they find a keeper.
Matt, it is good to treat a woman with respect and affection, but too much too soon is not a good idea for various reasons.
But in order to get into a relationship, you have to work backwards to find out what’s not working for you. You can call up a guy for sex so you can use him ‘like a guy’, but how does that make you feel? You say despite your very casual, player-esq attitude you take with the guys you go out with, ALL of them continue to call you. I mean I’m all about having a kick ass attitude, n now after reading that i think i just need to kick myself. Either that, or she should start spending lots of time in the self-help section at Barnes and Noble.
Most younger men chase me, men my age are threatened and older men just don’t have the energy, but yes, chase hard. They’re calling you, wondering what they did wrong, trying hard to win your favor, but to no avail. The way it looks from here, you just haven’t been interested in any of these guys yourself to actually want to date them. If a quality guy shows interest, be prepared to return the interest and fully commit yourself to the interaction. Is as women need to know our worth before we start to try to “Think like a man”!

I recently started chatting to a guy who really wants to date me and he already keeps calling me his princess and wanting to shower me with everything blah blah, and it’s too much and too soon, it freaks me out a little!
The ones that are chasing her, regardless of her game playing, are just as screwed up as her. I have to say, I am very sexually liberated and I sleep with a guy on the first date if I like him. It happens so rarely that I meet someone whom I am instantly attracted to; I totally go for it. I know if I sleep with them on the first date, they will not call me ever, so I don’t chase them, even if we have a great two days of conversation and sex. They even give me the speech that they are not ready for a commitment and I know they are trying to protect me, but I find it odd because I didn’t do anything to warrant the conversation. Actually, every one of my what was meant to be one night stands have turned into a long-term relationships with the man always asking me for committment. In fact, my relationship with my current boyfriend who asked me to move in with him after only six weeks of dating, started with me asking him to have a one night stand with me the very night we met for a blind Internet date. To my knowledge he had a few booty calls at the time we met, but never once slept or went out with anyone else since the first time we met.

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