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One of those places is in Daniel chapter 8, the chapter I’m making the next video on currently. And strangely, another time in the Bible it says that Peter was told something 3 times from God, in no uncertain terms. Then it says that immediately there was a knock at the door downstairs at the house Peter was at.
My roommate and I were wondering about that ourselves this weekend – thanks for the (albeit regrettably brief; I do enjoy your long posts) answer! I wanted to throw this out there because I am not exactly certain, but I loosely hold the understanding that the hell that we know as being eternal punishment where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth or referred to as Gehenna has not been formed yet (I know the parable of Abraham’s bosom but it is a parable), but will be manifest in judgment. To me I guess it’s one of those things that are left unclear or a mystery until all is revealed, but am curious if anyone has any insight on it.
Before the final judgment are those who are hell bound kept in a nasty holding cell until final judgment? I’m sorry I just realized I should keep my comment rooted in grounded in what I can and do understand and avoid idle speculation because it is not edifying.
But wait, didn’t Joyce Meyer’s teach that Jesus had to descend into hell to battle to get the keys from satan, to bring them to Joel Osteen or something like that?
Yeah, but weren’t the keys lost again when Egon and Ray crossed their streams and annihilated Gozer the Gozerian?
Like a good Father, He just expects that, if He says something, we’ll respond and do it.But on rare occasions, He said something 3 times.
But let’s start off with what’s probably the most famous example of the Lord saying something 3 times.
Jesus told Peter 3 times, “Feed My sheep.” It must have been that important to the Lord that He did something that emphatic and insistent. It sounds like Peter was arguing with God but this seemed so contrary to everything Peter thought was righteous.

And the Lord told Peter that there were 3 men there who’d come to see him and that Peter should go with them, “doubting nothing”.
In a vision, Daniel was by the river Ulai, in what’s now modern Iran, and the angel Gabriel was commanded to explain what Daniel had just seen, a goat and a ram clashing in battle and the goat conquering the ram.
Prophecy teachers through the years have had some huge debates about parts of it and I’ve been in some of those debates.
Whether it’s to feed the flock of God, or to not call unclean what God has cleansed, or that the prophecies of God are going to have a future, endtime fulfillment, God thought those were important enough to say it 3 times. Michael Brown’s book Authentic Fire, I thought I’d shift gears and toss something short and sweet up for you all! I always had a hard time saying that part during liturgies that had us corporately say it out loud. My position is pretty lose as I don’t see enough to build a solid confession on it either way, nor do I find it necessary for salvation. Muller, Dictionary of Latin and Greek Theological Terms Drawn Principally from Protestant Scholastic Theology (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 1985), pp. He says that the three hours of darkness during the crucifixion were 3 hours of God’s unmitigated wrath. Feeding His sheep, teaching, instructing, nourishing and guiding the Lord’s sheep, His flock of believers is obviously just as important as it gets in God’s eyes. Peter was the head of the growing group of believers who spread Jesus’ message and truth, after He’d ascended to heaven years before. The Jews weren’t supposed to have anything to do with Gentiles and certainly not go to their house. Basically this event was when the Lord opened the door clearly to non Jews to receive all the blessing and provision of His promises, breaking down the wall between the Jews and the Gentiles, making it possibly for anyone through Jesus to receive salvation through Him.
Just like pretty much anything they preach on TBN they really had no biblical backbone aside from a few bad proof-texts and then claimed special revelation to strengthen their argument (Haggin or Copeland was known for it).

Peter was on a house top, in prayer, when in a vision he saw a sheet let down from heaven with all kinds of “unclean” animals. But the angel Gabriel then tells Daniel 3 times in two verses that “at the time of the end shall be the vision”. But then we can go back to the words of Gabriel, spoken three times to Daniel, “at the time of the end shall be the vision.” At the time of the end.
Not that the Trinity was broken in that moment, but that the Father had always been present with the Son in eternal love, but for those three hours He was present in total wrath.
The Laws of Moses gave strict rules for the Jews as to what animals were “clean” to eat, permissible, and which ones weren’t. Time and space perhaps does not exist in the way we understand it due to the limitations of our earthen vessel. So Peter sees this sheet coming down with these “unclean” animals and then he hears God’s voice, “Arise, Peter! Peter preached to a big gathering of Gentiles,  telling them about Jesus and they all experienced the infilling of the Holy Spirit, just as the first disciples had in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost in Acts chapter 2. I don’t want to throw out any conjectures and sound silly or give anyone bad ideas that are just the result of my own private speculations. Paul does state that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord, but he also speaks of those who are asleep as though there was a time in which they shall be awakened. I do not believe there are any contradictions in scripture, and if there appears to be then there is just something we do not understand and so I feel more comfortable planting my feet in God’s transcendence on this matter and trusting that it will all be revealed.

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