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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo might have just hit theaters, but it seems everyone can’t stop talking about that other girl with a tattoo.
A few weeks ago, a Drake superfan walked into Los Angeles Tattoo parlour, Will Rise, and begged tattoo artist Kevin Campbell to give her the Drake tattoo pictured on her iPhone.
Sadly, Drake wasn’t so kind when referring to Campbell and resorted to blatant threats.
Shad Riley, you shut the f*** up man, Drake is his scene name, i mean how many drakes do you know you retard? The tattoo artist is doing his job, fair enough but he should ve taught her out of it instead of completely ruining her life. It says on the bottom of the article that the tattoo artist warns people in 3 steps before any facial tattoos. Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, who’ve only been a couple since January and got engaged in April, are expecting a baby!! Instead of running a planned rerun show this past weekend, Saturday Night Live aired an hour-long episode dedicated to the late music icon Prince.
Steph Curry has turned himself into a bonafide NBA superstar over the course of the last two seasons.
Kid Ink and Pink Dolphin bumped fists and launched the “Alumni” capsule for Summer 2015!
The Golden Dragon is also called the Gold Dragon, the Golden One, the Wealthy One and Odr, the devoted husband of the gidden Freya.
The Blue Dragon was the sixth and latest of the Great Dragons to claim Earth Conclave as kin. The Green Dragon was the second of the Great Dragons to claim Earth Conclave as kin.A  It has come to dance in celebration with us on at least two different occasions.

She is set to represent Great Britain at the international battle of the babesA She will now swap the wreckers yard for the catwalk at an international battle of the babes.Kelly hopes to wow American billionaire Donald Trump to win the sash in the hotly contested competition.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Yes, they make millions of dollars every year for playing a sport, and yes, they have fans all over the world who love and adore them.
It is committed to consciously living a life of joyful compassion, a teacher to all who ask to learn this way of being in the world.
It joined us the year that the pilgrimage to the spring northeast of the camp ground filled folks with deep delight and inspiration. It holds the well springs of the waters, the winds, the fires and creative originality as vital and of equal import. We realized that it had come to us when we recognized that the confluence of the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers formed its portrait and the Blue Dragona€™s image was put onto the Earth Conclave Story Folding Screen. It delights in the running water of rivers, streams and the great watery currents that circulate throughout the oceans and atmospheres surrounding the planet. You’re still a bitch, but the rap game is full of non-bitches and you jus wanna fit in. She is her own responsibility but it is so sad that when the hype wears off, she will have to live with this thing on her forehead. These are the ritual dinners in celebration of the Red Living Blood, honoring all who have blood borne disease but are yet still actively thriving, fully engaged with the magnificence of existence. The Red Dragon is dedicated to the notion that the Good Green Earth is a paradise calling for an ever changing and evolving life of beauty, balance and delight. The Black Dragon is one of the Original Progenitors, one of the Great Keepers of the Mysteries of Life.

The White Dragon is particularly delighted by our habit of creating a book for each our events. The Red Dragon actively supports the healing of folks with AIDS, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and all other blood related disorders. It is particularly interested in all life finding ways of living in balance, thriving in all ways. Freya and Odra€™s devotion to each other is an inspiration to all other folk who practice the ways of polyamory.
It is good to remember that all springs and other bubbling waters, including bottled spring water and sparkling water, are held sacred by the Black Dragon. When I printed up the first image of the lettering, she wanted me to go bigger, so that it went pretty much from each side of her hairline to the other. Tattoos are ok in moderation but to have them ALL OVER your body or face is just so disgustingly SAD!! One of the Green Dragona€™s greatest delights is to spread horticultural treasures throughout the human world. This treasure is not only of gold, silver and precious stones, but also the wealth of culture, skill, wisdom and knowledge. I thought she shaved her eyebrows for the procedure, so when I put the stencil on the first time, it was right over her (missing) eyebrows, but she had me enlarge it a bit and push it up towards the hairline.

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