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On the left, too, Senator Bernie Sanders has built his own movement with millions of voters, and $210 million in fund-raising, by using online tools as simple as email to seek support.
Live from the Journamalists Self-Made Gehenna: Yes, reading Dana Milbank of the Washington Post is like drinking bilge water. In physics, where we have some understanding of underlying reality, it is often (not always) legitimate to extrapolate a curve beyond measurements because we have good reasons to believe certain properties about the extrapolating function. Suppose I take data points from the left hand side of the Laffer curve and fit a nice little line through them (or hell, let's add some more functions --- a line plus a log, or a line plus a square root). This is the argument made by Reinhart and Rogoff: when your debt to annual GDP ratio rises above 90%, your growth tends to be slow.
Reading Patrick Healy and Jonathan Martin of the _New York Times_ is like drinking bilge water. Reading Patrick Healy and Jonathan Martin of the New York Times is like drinking bilge water. Coyote thinks about the Road Runner, but really: TV is where campaigns are made (along with, yes, online donation soliciting, but that's been true for years).

That social reality is forced (by god?) to match a particular function, which happens to be an exponential plus a whole lotta noise? It might be justifiable IF you have some sort of (validated) theory of what's generating the distribution of data. Is Cochrane then happy with my confident prediction that if we tax at a rate of 90% we can raise massive amounts of revenue and, hell, let's ramp up the tax rate to 150% and raise revenue like there is no tomorrow? If the Internet could elect a president all by itself, we'd have had a President Paul by now, or be on our way to electing one this year. This sort of thing can work (under limited circumstances) in finance, or even in macroeconomics. Elements of Public-Square Gossip** If you are like me, you will be struck by the extent to which our collective public conversation focuses on seven topic areas: 1.
But Cochrane has no quantitative theory of the casual relationship between law and GDP beyond this data summary, and so there is UTTERLY no reason to perform his extrapolation. The personal doings of the beautiful, the powerful, and the rich a€“ and how to become more like them.

He attacked John McCain and Megyn Kelly and Muslims, all of which happened or was endlessly discussed on TV. It's ridiculous when Official Washington gets up on their high horses about decorum, especially when most of them don't exactly have the Queen's manners themselves. It might be justifiable IF you have some sort of (validated) theory of what's generating the distribution of data. This sort of thing can work (under *limited* circumstances) in finance, or even in macroeconomics. Amusements a€“ usually gossip about the past or about our imaginary friends, frenemies, etc. Martin, author of the *Song of Ice and Fire novels* on which a€?Game of Thronesa€?[2][2] is based).

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