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On the left, too, Senator Bernie Sanders has built his own movement with millions of voters, and $210 million in fund-raising, by using online tools as simple as email to seek support. This is the argument made by Reinhart and Rogoff: when your debt to annual GDP ratio rises above 90%, your growth tends to be slow. Reading Patrick Healy and Jonathan Martin of the _New York Times_ is like drinking bilge water.
Reading Patrick Healy and Jonathan Martin of the New York Times is like drinking bilge water. Coyote thinks about the Road Runner, but really: TV is where campaigns are made (along with, yes, online donation soliciting, but that's been true for years).

If the Internet could elect a president all by itself, we'd have had a President Paul by now, or be on our way to electing one this year. Elements of Public-Square Gossip** If you are like me, you will be struck by the extent to which our collective public conversation focuses on seven topic areas: 1. Sullivan rode that current to a position of fame and influence, a self-identified conservative doing business with self-identified liberal contrarians.
The personal doings of the beautiful, the powerful, and the rich a€“ and how to become more like them. He attacked John McCain and Megyn Kelly and Muslims, all of which happened or was endlessly discussed on TV.

Amusements a€“ usually gossip about the past or about our imaginary friends, frenemies, etc. Martin, author of the *Song of Ice and Fire novels* on which a€?Game of Thronesa€?[2][2] is based).

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