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Free love spells online can actually be hard to find, since the Internet seems filled with people trying to sell their spell-casting services. Key to Your Heart Spell This is a very easy love spell that will take you very little time to perform though it will be 2 weeks before the charm is finished.
Witchcraft Spells If there’s one thing that Witches are famous for some reason…it’s our ability to cast spells. Witchcraft Spells, Witchcraft Magic Spells & Unbinding Witchcraft Spells ~ “Set Me Free” Witchcraft Ritual Spells!  This is for all of you who performed your own love binding spells, or performed their spells incorrectly or had someone bind you to someone or something behind you back! Voodoo Dolls can also be used to cast a love spell, a justified revenge spell, or even can be used on yourself for self improvement! This is one example of a good Voodoo doll love spell, and it doesn't even have you sticking any pins into it. You will need the following items: a€? 3 candles (gold, silver and red) a€? 2 red roses a€? A horseshoe a€? A key a€? A red silk scarf This is a spell for a Friday night (like most love spells).
This powerful Witchcraft Spell unbinds and lifts all previous spell work that has ricocheted back to you or was directed at you.  This very powerful Unbinding Witchcraft Spell not only releases previous spells gone wrong, it brings forth a fresh start for you and others!

When using a voodoo doll to cast love spells, always make sure that you are doing the love spell with true love in your heart and that you are giving love freely and asking that the other person give their love freely back to you.
Here's everything you need to get started including a powerful 9-inch doll good for hours of pin-pricking fun, plus a complete guide to tapping your own special voodoo powers. Wiccans or other Pagans may not appreciate this style of magick, but it is perfectly acceptable within Voodoo.
A hand-made doll is much more powerful than a store-bought object, so take the time to do it right. So you'll be happy to see that there are some real (and free) love spells online for you to try for yourself.
Light all three candles on your altar, and wrap the roses, horseshoe and key in the silk scarf.
You can find new love with a love potion or rekindle some old love with a reunite lovers spell. When using a voodoo doll for a revenge spell, always make sure that you have been wronged through no fault of your own.

Add in the items from their body, using hairs, nail clippings or at least a bit of fabric from clothes they have worn.
Wrap the doll in each piece of ribbon, knotting each one when necessary to keep it attached. Pass the bundle through the heat of the candle flames, ideally without it all catching on fire.
In doing this or any other kind of revenge spell, you should always be sure to ask that the person only be hurt as much as you were, NOT MORE!
Remember to ask that the person be hurt only as much as you were, no more and no less -- by using a doll fairly you are in no way breaking any Universal laws. When your spell is successful, wrap up the doll and put it somewhere safe to keep the attraction going.

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