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Due to our large Celtic following, Scottish Music Promotions wants to talk about Celtic Astrology.
Their religion placed emphasis on awareness of both natural and supernatural energies connected with spirits. Each tree was connected to one of the 13 lunar months and encoded using the Ogham, the alphabet used by the Celts. The Celts believed that the season, tree and animal sign a person was born under was of great influence on them. This tree is the first to sprout leaves following winter and represents rebirth and renewal. The Celts believed it wrong to chop down an alder tree, and that the spirit from the tree would be angry. It was believed that hazel nuts brought magical abilities and knowledge to those who ate them.

The grapevine was regarded as sacred and symbolised knowledge as well as spiritual initiation. 13 consonants were used from this alphabet for each month, and 5 vowels were used to represent seasons. The animals associated with each tree are based on the specific characteristics of each animal and their connection with people.
Hawthorne hedges were planted as a form of protection around houses and fields, and fairies were believed to live in these hedges. To understand and fully appreciate the meanings and symbols of this astrology, it is important to remember that people do not dominate nature, but instead are part of, connected to and influenced by it. The Celtic Druids’ believed in the importance of understanding and working with nature.
Trees were therefore considered to be living entities possessing eternal knowledge and wisdom.

The 13 months are represented by a tree, a letter from the alphabet, an animal and a Celtic god.
They studied the planets, seasons, trees and animals and used their understanding of these to form their astrology.
They also believed that humans descended from trees, with each tree containing unique magical characteristics and qualities.

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