Brilliant Hire

Reduce your hiring time from months to days.

We cut your first-round of interviewing efforts by 90% by anonymously evaluating candidates and rating them through our network of subject matter experts.

  • Welcome to the new way to hire.

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      Prevent Biasing

      Prevent subconscious human bias during the screening process.

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      Focus on right fit candidates

      Brilliant Hire auto-engages with each candidates in parallel and find the right fit for you based on your business needs.

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      Get candidates Pre-evaluated

      Domain experts in our network evaluate right fit candidates and best candidates with their evaluation report is provided to you.

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      Save hiring time and effort

      Focus on quality hires without spending time on repetitive and unproductive work thus, preventing stress and rush to close positions.

As our initial energy is wasted in interacting with non-potential candidates, many a times, we use to be desperate in hiring. Brilliant Hire has addressed our core problem and saved a lot of our energy and effort which improved our efficiency in hiring.

Time to change the way you hire.

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