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Why not tell us and our B2B sales team about your specific business needs and expectations? If you are not experienced in dealing with it, then leave this project alone.Although Mains equipment can itself consume a lot of current, the circuits we build to control it, usually only require a few milliamps.
The bridge rectifier can be any of the small 'Round', 'In-line', or 'DIL' types; or you could use four separate diodes. I get a lot of emails asking if this power supply can be modified to provide currents of anything up to 50 amps.
The Transformerless Power Supply Support Material provides a complete circuit description including all the calculations.

At Maplin, we’re always looking for innovations and technology that can help your business work more efficiently. Yet the low voltage power supply is frequently the largest part of the construction and a sizeable portion of the cost. With a dedicated business team and special services available only to business customers, you can access our electronics and technology solutions through our wide network of over 200 stores, our website with more than 20,000 products or though your personal account manager over the phone. If you touch the "Live" wire, then depending on how well earthed you are, you form a conductive path between Live and Neutral. The full sized ones will work; but if space is tight, there are some small 100ma versions available in TO 92 type cases.

Whilst the output of this circuit sits innocently at 12V with respect to (wrt) the other terminal, it is also 12V above earth potential. You can, of course, alter any or all of the Zenner diodes in order to produce a different output voltage.
As for the mains voltage, the suggestion regarding the 110v version is just that, a suggestion.

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