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100Ω resistors are used for stability and prevent current swamping as the tolerances of dc current gain will be different for each transistor. Build your own Accurate LC Meter (Capacitance Inductance Meter) and start making your own coils and inductors.
1Hz - 2MHz XR2206 Function Generator produces high quality sine, square and triangle waveforms of high-stability and accuracy. Having the ability to control various appliances inside or outside of your house wirelessly is a huge convenience, and can make your life much easier and fun. We want to get you back to work as quickly and easily as possible by covering all defects in materials or workmanship. Whether it's a new part or a trip to an authorized service center, we'll find the best solution for you and your DR. Installing a new battery will boost the starting power of your DR, especially on cold mornings and after it's been sitting awhile. I charged the battery over night before each of two uses, I had to operate the remote often because of conditions.
I am very pleased with the battery, it works great in my DR Brush Moore It is 16 years old.
There's many similar questions to this, and because the answers vary depending on the setup, I want to ask for my friend's specific setup. He has no plans to overclock the spare build, and he's using a relatively lower end video card. Edit: Following up on Synetech's answer, would this ultimately solve my issue since it combines a P4 with a 4-pin molex to turn it into a full-blown 8-pin EPS 12v plug? Page 16 of the manual to the motherboard says that the 8-pin connector is for supplying power to the CPU.
If you look at the pinout of the 8-pin socket and the 4-pin cable (figures 1 and 2 below respectively), you will notice that physically, it should be compatible. Another option I have found is some discussions (like this one) about using an adapter (figure 4) to connect the 4-pin cable to both halves of the 8-pin connector. In fact, there are also 6-pin PCI-E to 8-pin ATX12V adapters as well, and probably others (though you indicated that the PSU does not have this).
The difference between the two methods gets to be somewhat complicated if you are not familiar with electronic engineering, but suffice it to say that method two is the better one in most circumstances. Isn't that 2 4-pin molex to 8-pin adapter meant for PCI-E cards that require 8-pins and not for EPS 12v 8-pin? If you look closely, you’ll see that the pinout is the same (it will fit because it is round,square,square,round; square,round,round,square). The documentation and specifications say no, but my bet is that it would almost certainly work. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged power-supply atx eps or ask your own question. Is it ethical for an Employer to use personal (financial) information in negotiating salary? Only way to find out would be to take a volt meter and see if it has power with the truck off. Power supply uses LM7812 IC and can deliver up to 30A to the load by the help of the TIP2955 pass transistors. A 1 amp fuse is connected after the LM7812 to protect the IC against high current transients.
When the load current is high, the power dissipation of each transistor also increases so excess heat may cause the transistors to fail.
This LC Meter allows to measure incredibly small inductances making it perfect tool for making all types of RF coils and inductors. The meter is a perfect addition to any power supply, battery chargers and other electronic projects where voltage and current must be monitored.

It is a very useful bench test equipment for testing and finding out the frequency of various devices with unknown frequency such as oscillators, radio receivers, transmitters, function generators, crystals, etc. BA1404 HI-FI Stereo FM Transmitter broadcasts high quality stereo signal in 88MHz - 108MHz FM band. It is an irreplaceable tool for troubleshooting and repairing electronic equipment by determining performance and health of electrolytic capacitors. 8-DIP machined IC socket allows to swap OPA2134 with many other dual opamp chips such as OPA2132, OPA2227, OPA2228, dual OPA132, OPA627, etc. It's breadboard compatible so it can be plugged into a breadboard for quick prototyping, and it has VCC & GND power pins available on both sides of PCB. If your machine doesn't turn over quickly or if the battery no longer takes a charge, it's time for a new one.
I found a page (figure 3) that indicates that it can be done, but strongly advises using a proper 8-pin cable. There are different ones available which either split a single cable across the two halves of the 8-pin connector (which is generally not going to be a problem since that is what happens when you plug the three or four connectors on one cable into multiple drives, etc.
Using a PSU with an actual, dedicated 8-pin cable is the best solution of course, but if you look at the reviews at Newegg for the adapters, you will see that all of the reviews are positive, indicating that an adapter will likely be a good way to solve this problem for next to nothing. They are rear facing lights that mount over the trailer hitch which plug into the factory 7 pin connector. They can be turned on manually at anytime or you can flip the switch so they only come on with the truck in reverse. It comes with another harness that you can tap into the stock wiring but I liked the idea of not having to splice anything.
I was shocked it wasn't hooked up from the factory either, especially considering I payed for the max trailering package. The input voltage to the regulator must be at least several volts higher than the output voltage (12V) so that the regulator can maintain its output.
It can be connected to any type of stereo audio source such as iPod, Computer, Laptop, CD Player, Walkman, Television, Satellite Receiver, Tape Deck or other stereo system to transmit stereo sound with excellent clarity throughout your home, office, yard or camp ground.
Unlike other ESR Meters that only measure ESR value this one measures capacitor's ESR value as well as its capacitance all at the same time. Headphone amplifier is small enough to fit in Altoids tin box, and thanks to low power consumption may be supplied from a single 9V battery.
It's small, power efficient, yet customizable through onboard 2 x 7 perfboard that can be used for connecting various sensors and connectors.
You can control lights, fans, AC system, computer, printer, amplifier, robots, garage door, security systems, motor-driven curtains, motorized window blinds, door locks, sprinklers, motorized projection screens and anything else you can think of.
Battery worked perfectly and was less cost than I could purchase locally, even with shipping added to price.
This forum is meant only for members who wish to post the specific steps to complete a project or modification of some sort. While installing this I found out that from the factory the 7pin connector does not have the constant 12v connected. Plus if I want to it takes 2 minutes and I can completely remove the lights and it looks stock again. If a transformer is used, then the rectifier diodes must be capable of passing a very high peak forward current, typically 100amps or more. The circuit includes an auto ranging as well as reset switch and produces very accurate and stable readings. Arduino Prototype uses all standard through-hole components for easy construction, two of which are hidden underneath IC socket.
Of course the problem with this method is the same as the previous one in that there is no additional power being supplied; this method simply splits the power from one source across the two halves of the connector. There are others (figure 5) that have two separate Molex connectors (one for each half of the 8-pin) which you can plug into Molex connectors from different cables from the PSU for extra peace of mind.

All posts in here are put up for all to read and gain information on how to do something to their silverado or sierra. The 7812 IC will only pass 1 amp or less of the output current, the remainder being supplied by the outboard pass transistors.
USB IO Board is self-powered by USB port and can provide up to 500mA for electronic projects.
Board features 28-PIN DIP IC socket, user replaceable ATmega328 microcontroller flashed with Arduino bootloader, 16MHz crystal resonator and a reset switch. Please only post in this section if you have directions on how to do a modification, complete a task, or steps to take to resolve a problem. As the circuit is designed to handle loads of up to 30 amps, then six TIP2955 are wired in parallel to meet this demand. Would this be even more ideal since it converts both the 4-pin + molex into a proper 8-pin? The dissipation in each power transistor is one sixth of the total load, but adequate heat sinking is still required. Arduino sketches are uploaded through any USB-Serial adapter connected to 6-PIN ICSP female header. Maximum load current will generate maximum dissipation, so a very large heat sink is required. Board is supplied by 2-5V voltage and may be powered by a battery such as Lithium Ion cell, two AA cells, external power supply or USB power adapter.
Remove the tape and pull the wire free.Once the wire is free connect it to the black post on the front of the fuse box.
In considering a heat sink, it may be a good idea to look for either a fan or water cooled heat sink.
The black post is for the auxiliary power, the silver one is used for hooking up electric brakes for a trailer.
In the event that the power transistors should fail, then the regulator would have to supply full load current and would fail with catastrophic results. Use a nut to secure the connection You will also have to get a 40 amp fuse for the number 68 slot to allow power to the wire you just connected.And now a pic of the lights installed and working.
The 400mohm load is for test purposes only and should not be included in the final circuit. A simulated performance is shown below: Calculations This circuit is a fine example of Kirchhoff's current and voltage laws. To summarize, the sum of the currents entering a junction, must equal the current leaving the junction, and the voltages around a loop must equal zero.
Resistors R1 to R6 are included for stability and prevent current swamping as the manufacturing tolerances of dc current gain will be different for each transistor.
The input current to the regulator is fed via the emitter resistor and base emitter junctions of the power transistors. Once again using Kirchhoff's current laws, the 871 mA regulator input current is derived from the base chain and the 40.3 mA flowing through the 100 Ohm resistor. First use a voltmeter across the output terminals, you should measure 12 Volts, or very close to it.
If you do not see 12 Volt, power off and check all connections. I have heard from one reader whose supply was 35 Volt, not the regulated 12 Volts.
Check with a multimeter set to resistance and measure between collector and emitter terminals.

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