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This is the circuit diagram of DC to DC converter based LM2596, the circuit has a single input supply and multiple voltage outputs.
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The circuit given here is a current limited lead acid battery charger built around the famous variable voltage regulator IC LM 317. To setup the charging voltage, power ON  the charger and hook up a voltmeter across the output terminals and adjust R4 to make the voltmeter read 28V. I Have 36 volt 10 AH lithium battery, can I modif 24V lead acid battery charger circuit, to charger my 36 volt lithium battery?
Hello engr,in this your design.can i use it to charge two 12V,26AH lead acid battery connected in series?.if no,what is the implication? Two 12 volts batteries of similar type and conditions can be charged up to a maximum of 7 AH only.
Hi joe Two 12 volts batteries of similar type and conditions can be charged up to a maximum of 7 AH only. Hello engr,in this your design.can i use it to charge two 12V,26AH lead acid battery connected in series.if no,what will be the implication?
Hello would you be kind enough to publish a 48v 5 to 10 amp lead acid battery charger circuit ? This charger can be used for single 24 volt 7 AH battery or 2nos 12 volts 7AH batteries in series. Hi Tran you can charge 24volt 1.3AH battery (hope dry means dry fit lead acid gel cell) also.

Thank you very much for the charger circuit, i would like to use this circuit for charging two lead acid (12v 150A X 2)battery, for inverter. Sorry, I can’t quite follow how the resistor R2 provides 700mA, can you explain how the calculation is done please?
I am looking to make an in-car charging system for an electric mobility scooter – it uses a 24v 10Ah battery.
1) can I substitute a 12v step-up DC-DC converter for the transformer and bridge rectifier section of your circuit to give me the DC input to the regulator, and what output voltage would the converter be required to supply? 2) what if any of the components of the regulated charger section would need to be changed to provide the correct output current and voltage? I’m a big fan of your circuits,and I would like to ask about the possibility of modifying this circuit so we can control charging current (like a pot. Hi Gangadhar you can but ensure the output voltage is adjusted to 14.2 volts without load with pot R4. Please help me, pls teach me how to make a circuit 12v dc battery convert 9v dc supply the led luxenon 9v 10w. As per your requirement of 26 AH a power pack capable of maximum current limit of 7 amps (9 amps preferred) is required. Pls I need your urgent assistance in responding to these questions to enable me modify this circuit to do something else.
I tried to insert a second BC547 as suggested (base of 2nd BC547 to base of 1st and emitter to the other emitter and collector to a led and a 2.7K resistor to C1 positive) to indicate full charge with no luck whatsoever! Pls can u send me the circuit diagram containing the charging indicator(green and red).pls send it to my email. Essentially, there are 3 ways in the design of power amplifiers that operate with a 12V car battery.

Diode D1 prevents the reverse flow of current from the battery when charger is switched OFF or when mains power is not available.
The complete DC to DC converter circuit as Figure 1 This IC3-LM3524 act a switching frequencies generator to power MOSFET Q1-Q4.
The oscillated frequency is set by R7 and C2 that high as double times of the switching frequency.
The DCV from output is feed back to R19,VR3 come to IC3 to controlled the width of pulse to control the switching,is making the A steady (DC) voltage. The capacitor C4 and Diode D3 act as a soft start system to partially started operation of the circuit.
Next, we see the transistor Q5 and Q6 are circuit to controlled the working more,and act on-off working of circuit that high current. The coil L1,L2 and L3 use to protect high frequencies from circuit to other parts.How to build this projects. Figure 3 show how to bind T1-transformer and L1,L2,L3 coil Start at the primary coil use the winding wire diameter 1.25 mm. Figure 2 shown PCB layout and placing all transistor Q1 to Q4 and diode D6 to D8 should install the proper heatsink and has Insulation as short circuit protection.
Klavs Rommedahl April 27, 2015 Hey Nice job :D.What would be most convinient if i need several output choises ?

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