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Orders received before 3PM EST will be safely packaged and quickly shipped the same business day.
Any order that does not qualify for free shipping, will by default include a discount of equal value to the free shipping offer. Constant Current LED DriversLED drivers convert your power supply to constant current, suitable for LEDs, helping to maximize the energy potential.
LED OpticsOptics control the illumination pattern, either diffusing it or focusing it as your application requires. LED Heat Sinks & HousingsHeatsinks and housings give your project a clean enclosure while maintaining a low temperature. Switching Power SuppliesPower supplies allow you to power your LED and driver from a wall outlet or other source.

LED Accessories LED lighting accessories include seals for coating electronic components, premium adhesives, switches, battery-holders, wire, power connectors, soldering irons and more. LED BulbsReplacing incandescent or CFL bulbs with LED Retrofits helps save energy and provides a long lasting light source. LED StripsLinear LED strips are ideal for general lighting, sign or channel letters, architectural lighting and more. LED KitsLED Supply offers a complete lineup of LED kits that save you time and assure a successful end result for your lighting project. The 100W 12VDC 0-10 Dimming Power Supply by Edge Lighting 100 watt 12 volt DC power supply with enclosure box. Edge Lighting designs and manufactures award winning, energy efficient fixtures that showcase their superior craftsmanship and design aesthetics, while utilizing the latest in engineering technologies.

If your order is NOT shipped the same business day, LEDSupply will offer a 5% discount off your next order. The simple, yet elegant, collection is perfect for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications in both residential and commercial settings.
Built in short circuit, overload, over voltage, and overheating protection allows for system shutdown upon any of these circumstances. It can be used to connect large amounts of LED Lights, LED Light Ribbons, RGB LED lighting and any other 12VDC Constant Voltage LED Lighting products.

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