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Creative, a problem solver, imaginative, hyperactive worker and respected for its resourcefulness. Gentle, peace loving and possesses great physical strength that makes it dangerous if angered. Powerful, gifted, full of vitality, possesses outstanding leadership capabilities, quick-tempered, prone to worry, and is perhaps too fastidious. The Goat (sometimes referred to as the Sheep) with its strong forehead and horns represents strength and fortitude. The Monkey is intelligent with a sense of humor, original thinker, practical, carries out plans successfully, curious, observant, friendly and introvert. The Rooster carries out the assignments conscientiously and when faced with an adversary it fights boldly.
They are courageous, independent, quick-tempered, do not like to compromise, loners and have few friends that will keep for life. If you have always wanted to create your own blog but didn't know where to start, I can help you set up your own internet presence. Use this free Chinese Characters Printable to help children trace and create a fun craft for the Chinese New Year. The Chinese Zodiac consists of a 12 years cycle, each year of which is named after a different animal that imparts distinct characteristics to its year.
CZPL3 TIGER 1902 1914 1926 1938 1950 1962 1974 1986 1998 A fighting spirit-- aggressive and courageous.A sensitive deep thinker who is true bluewith friends. CZPL4 RABBIT 1903 1915 1927 1939 1951 1963 1975 1987 1999 Luckiest of sighs-- talented and affectionate.yet shy. CZPL6 SNAKE 1905 1917 1929 1941 1953 1965 1977 1989 2001   Wise and intense, but vain. CZPL8 SHEEP 1907 1919 1931 1943 1955 1967 1979 1991 2003   Elegant and creative--best in arts.

CZPL9MONKEY 1908 1920 1932 1944 1956 1968 1980 1992 2004 Very intelligent and able to influence people.Good politician. CZPL10 ROOSTER 1909 1921 1933 1945 1957 1969 1981 1993 2005A pioneer spirit devoted to work and questafter knowledge. Next, find the coordinating sign and read the description. For example, if you are born in the year 2014, the year of the Horse, it is believed you will have excellent communication skills and enjoy being in the limelight. Intensely defensive where friends and family are concerned, they will not stand by while others are maligned, but sometimes a refusal to listen to warnings regarding the behavior of children or other loved ones can lead to severe domestic problems.
You'll also find Birthday Party themes, Holiday crafts, Kids recipes and Classroom prtables.
You can select the same zodiac symbol for all six bookmarks or select six different ones to print.
According to the Chinese Astrologists, the characteristics of an individual could be determined from the year, month, time and place of birth.
Snake-types are also adept at giving the impression they know far more about a subject than they intend to divulge, and while a strict sense of propriety prevents them from telling lies, they are not averse to double-dealing when it suits them.
Horse-types are good talkers, never short of conversation, though less quick with ready ideas. Success however can easily go to their head, bringing out a latent arrogance that often alienates friends. The Rooster is alert, joining a fundamental punctiliousness with precise attention to detail. They have a sympathetic ear for other people’s woes and are always ready with a shoulder to cry on.
In business, they are the finishers who put the last necessary touches to a project, and in this respect they may become extremely successful financially. In Chinese astrology, the animal symbols are assigned to a year with the idea that if you are born within that year you will have characteristics of the animal represented.

Each bookmark contains a list of years for each symbol along with strength, weakness and lucky numbers that are associated with the symbol.
The latest news is always a good opening gambit, and the Horse is always keen to hear other peoples’ opinions. But it is rarely long before the Monkey’s agreeable humor and other engaging sociable qualities win them back. The problems arrive when so many projects are taken on that, inevitably, the less troublesome get lost in the sheer volume.
Rare displays of violent anger are almost always justified, but wrongs are quickly forgotten, and resentment only borne against those outside the intimate circle of family and friends. On the debit side, they are naive and trusting, falling easy prey to the confidence trickster. Social or domestic activities will generally need to be tailored to allow for powerful sensuality. They can also be a touch too fastidious, which in many respects explains why their creative natures are not normally fully explored.
Older and wiser Monkeys are able to channel their energetic and fertile imaginations into the solving of extremely complex problems. In business and personal relationships the quieter more reserved members of the Rooster’s social circle or family may be neglected or forgotten. This includes removing artist credits, reformatting file type or recoloring any portion of this file. Otherwise the Pig’s genuine concern for others will become apparent through voluntary work and being a good neighbor.

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