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Sagittarians tend to have short attention spans and be on the very next project the minute their current one is finished (or even before it is done).
As lovers of freedom, Sagittarians tend not to do well in office jobs with dull routines or where they may feel boxed in. The most freedom-loving one of the zodiac, Sagittarians value their personal space greatly and require their partners to understand this. However, the problem is probably getting a Sagittarian to commit their undying love to you in the first place.
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They make inspirational leaders and can always be counted on to boost team morale and continue staying upbeat with their eyes on the ball, even when the path is ridden with obstacles. They tend to be deep thinkers who enjoy pondering on life’s big questions and philosophical matters. But they follow through on reaching their goals as far as possible, and only move on when they have either reached their self-set, desired goal, or when they hit a ceiling that they find is impossible to break through.
Rather, they may be drawn towards careers with dynamic, changing environments and opportunities for constant progress, learning, or challenges to be surpassed.
Their need for space and independence does not come from a lack of love and committment to their partners, but rather from an innate nature and personal need.
Natural explorers, Sagittarians tend to be easily interested in people, but having that interest manifest into unselfish love and a willing to commit is far from easy.

Sagittarians can be unknowingly tactless and are infamously blunt, but where they become conscious of this or stop running on autopilot, they are in fact highly empathetic and naturally able to make their loved ones feel good about themselves.
They are great speakers who know how to express their thoughts in a way that fires their audience with the same spark of passion that they have towards their message or cause. Being naturally curious in global issues and various theories, they are most likely to cultivate a habit of lifelong learning. When this happens the Sagittarian may be hard upon themselves since they tend to be hardcore perfectionists; however their innate ability to pick themselves up means that they often dwell upon it for only a few short moments before they surprise everyone around them by being once again impassioned with a new project, a new idea, or a newfound drive again.
Generally, the Archer also tends to found in occupations allowing lots of travel opportunities, satisfying their need to explore and see more of the world.
This could be a little unsettling for insecure partners, but can simultaneously be a major plus as it ensures it never gets dull since both partners are given the freedom to explore their individual lives and Sagittarians in particular can always bring something new back home to the table, adding value and excitement to the relationship.
Sagittarians tend to have high standards in all areas of their lives, and picking their other half is no exception. On the other hand, they also love new experiences and enjoy spontaneity and exploring new, different places. Their optimism is also contagious and can always serve to lift their loved ones out of their troubled emotions. Rarely do you see Sagittarians in dull, routine lives– if there is nothing exciting in their surroundings, the Sagittarian would either leave it or bring to the table new ideas, experiments and adventures from their own vast stores of knowledge and creativity. As such, Sagittarians are often involved in work centred on a cause they feel strongly about, or may make great politicians and business leaders. With their love of accumulating knowledge and ability of expression, Sagittarians hence make good teachers who are able to evoke interest and understanding in their students.

They are never down for long, and their loved ones have come to realise that and to understand that they only stay in their lowest valleys for as long as they need to before they automatically and often independently decide to brush the dust off and start running again, with the enthusiasm and positivity of someone who has never met failure. Once a Sagittarian has chosen you, however, you may be sure that he or she has thought it through and that you are the rare one who has made the mark.
The problem, however, is that this takes conscious effort on the part of the Sagittarians, and where they do not do so, they can be crude, sarcastic, and unsympathetic, which makes it hard for the more emotionally sensitive horoscopes to feel comfortable opening up and being close to them. This is particularly true as their strong convictions and sense of humour enable them to communicate effectively to their students and to impart their own sense of values. This makes them good entrepreneurs and business leaders although they work best when paired with someone who can ground them to stay focused and also to help take care of the details while the Sagittarians look at the bigger vision ahead.
The Sagittarian is hence better off pairing with similar Fire signs such as Aries and Leo, which are able to fend off their tactless remarks easily with their firmly shielded egos and strong sense of self. For example, Sagittarians have a history of working well with Virgos, as the two horoscopes complement each other in their strengths and weaknesses, whereby the Sagittarian inspires and heads the direction while the Virgo lays the steps for getting to where the Sagittarian wants to go. This also applies to the Archer in giving, as they are similarly generous in spending for their partner’s enjoyment and like changing up things every once in a while. Both are hard workers and have deep belief systems and this brings them together to make a great partnership despite the difference in their working styles.

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