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The Battlefield 4 China faction compares well to the two other main factions in the game: the US faction and Russia.
Weapons used by the China faction in Battlefield 4 are based on real world counterparts that are in active service in the Chinese military. Vehicles used by the Battlefield 4 China faction include the Type 99 main battle tank which is currently in service with the Chinese military. One of the best Chinese language textbooks for young students, Chinese Made Easy adopts a new approach to teaching Chinese as a second language. Both authors have teaching experience in China and abroad, and are currently teaching Chinese in an international school in Hong Kong. Chinese Books USA has been in business since 1984 focusing on bridging Chinese and American cultures. In ancient China, it was believed that events in the sky directly reflected events on earth.
Halley’s comet appears in the sky every seventy to seventy-five years, so very few people see it more than once in their lifetime. Source image taken from Album of Relics of Ancient Chinese Astronomy, Zhongguo Gudai Tianwen Wenwu Tuji, CASS (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of Archaeology), 1980. The emperor’s astronomers were also responsible for producing the calendar each year, a document commonly known as an almanac. The rest of the sky contains the equatorial constellations grouped in the four directions, each associated with an animal and a colour. The Chinese tradition of associating animals with the four points of the compass has a long history. On a Chinese star map each of the four directions contains seven of the twenty-eight mansions and together with the central region of the sky, synonymous with the emperor, and therefore China itself, these regions make up what are known as the five cardinal points.
The Black Tortoise, Xuan wu (??), represents both north and the winter; A symbol of longevity, the tortoise of the north is often depicted together with a snake. Unlike in western mythology, the dragon is rarely depicted as a malevolent force but generally considered to be both benevolent and auspicious.
The tiger is often seen as a protector and was thought to guard over the armies of the emperor and protect the spirits of the dead. An astronomical star chart, like this one, shows us how stars are seen when we look up into the sky. Looking at the map of the sky in the section above, we can see how the Chinese constellations are grouped into four directions, and also fall within one of the twenty-eight segmental divisions known as ‘mansions’ or lunar lodges. The twenty-eight constellations of the Chinese sky are also important for astrological divination and have various linked meanings and associations.
Take a look at the following image and the table below to identify the twenty eight circumpolar constellations and learn more about their associations and meanings. Familiarise yourself with these twenty-eight constellations by making your own star-finder.
You can also download a free wallchart illustrating the Chinese sky and all the constellations. Because one of the main purposes of astronomical observation in ancient China was timekeeping, the sun and moon were very important.
The superstitious belief that linked events on earth to those in the heavens made people very wary of events in the sky.
The sun and moon have always had a special significance in Chinese folklore and various symbolism and myths surround them.
Visit our myths page to learn more about these myths and other legends relating to the sky.
March 29th, Guangdong province Foshan city fatty baby Xiao Hao [Little Hao], just 4-years-old this year, at a height of 1.1m, but weighing 62kg. Many times exceeding the weight of his peers, it is difficult for his mother to handle him. Xiao Hao’s parents brought their son first to the Foshan and then to the Guangzhou and other hospitals, but checks of his hormone levels are all normal, so that even doctors are puzzled by the cause of his obesity. According to doctors, Xiao Hao’s brain does not have any problems, and that his obesity is very likely caused by eating habits and other factors. I think the cause is still eating habits, and what more, the root of it is with the parents.
The little guy was only 2.6kg when he was born, actually comparatively small, possibly born before the expected delivery date. Poor second-generation [the child of poor parents, opposite of “wealthy second-generation”], what point is it for you to be fat? Only 4-years-old and they’ve raised a 60kg child, this parents~~~, are you raising a pig? The parent let the child eat too many snacks when he was small, always afraid of the child going being hungry and not having enough nutrition. Help us maintain a vibrant and dynamic discussion section that is accessible and enjoyable to the majority of our readers.
I’d rather be fat and manly like him than short, scrawny, short-dicked, effeminate like 99% of men in China.

This poor kid probably had Prader-Willi syndrome – a genetic disorder in which the sufferer never feels like they are full.
Sorry Mom and Dad, but if your kid is so fat that his fat face rolls block his eyelids you’re doing a shitty job. Looks like a chicken wing on a stick to me, not sure how many squids have a big bone running through them. I thought it was a rice field frog’s leg at the first sight, people in southern China enjoy eating frog meat a lot, including me.
China in Battlefield 4 features its own unique weapons and vehicles, all based on their real world counterparts used throughout the Chinese military. Chinese weapons and vehicles are well represented, and stack up well against its US and Russian counterparts.
After completing this series, learners will acquire a vocabulary of approximately 1,700 Chinese characters and several thousand phrases.
Xinying Li holds a postgraduate diploma in Applied Linguistics from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. If, for example, a comet suddenly appeared in the sky it was thought that something important and unexpected was about to happen on earth, perhaps something like a major battle.
Over time, Chinese astronomers recorded every instance of Halley’s comet from 3000 years ago, the only civilisation in the world to have done so. These were equated with the directions north, south, east and west and also with a middle region. In addition, Chinese astronomers identified twenty-eight segments in the sky known as mansions or lunar lodges and called xiu ? in Chinese. The animals of the four directions are first mentioned in an ancient Chinese manual of divination, The Book of Changes (Yijing ??).
It is also often associated with the emperor and therefore linked to the Red Bird, whose own association is with the empress. Having read about which animal represents which direction, you may have noticed that the directions east and west (on the left and right of this chart) appear to be on opposite sides to those you might have expected, or seen on land maps.
You might think that east and west seem to be on the wrong sides of the chart, but they are not.
Charts and maps in the west are normally oriented with north at the top and east to the right. The most important Chinese constellations are situated very approximately along the celestial equator within the twenty-eight mansions and are seen highlighted in yellow. The Chinese used a calendar system based on the phases of the moon (measured through observing the position of the stars in the twenty-eight mansions) and the time of the solar year, or season. Solar eclipses in particular were regarded with fear, and a common belief was that these occurred because a great dragon was attempting to devour the sun. The mid-Autumn, or Moon Festival is perhaps the second most important traditional festival in China after Chinese New Year.
The red sun is often pictured with a three-legged crow and the moon features a white hare or rabbit, pounding a pestle and mortar. In addition to this, in accordance with their son’s interests, they try to foster in him more physical hobbies.
The parents were [probably] very worried and did everything they could to feed and make up for that. He was walking around minding his own business when some drunk idiot fell off a guard tower and landed on him.
China was first featured in the series back in 2005 in BF2, but was since then replaced by Russia. While in the real world, the vehicles and weapons differ vastly when it comes to performance, they have been tuned in Battlefield 4 for the sake of gameplay balance. In addition to being a playable faction in multiplayer, China is heavily featured in the singleplayer campaign, where a big portion of the story takes place in China and features characters from the same country.
We offer a broad collection of Chinese Operas, traditional instrument music and Fung-Fu items. The emperor was believed to be the Son of Heaven who had been given the Mandate, or right to rule, by Heaven itself. It contained predictions of major events in the sky, which affirmed the emperor’s divine link to the heavens and ultimate power.
The middle region was the most important as it housed among its stars the celestial image of the emperor surrounded by his family and civil and military officials.
Here, a map of the heavens, Sifang ??, shows mystical animals holding court over not only the directions of the earth, but also over the seasons of the year. If you hold the chart above your head, with north and south pointing the right way, then east and west will be on the correct sides — try it! In China, land and star maps are oriented with the north at the bottom and therefore east to the left. Although some of these constellations correlate loosely in appearance to groupings recognised in Europe, largely the patterns are quite different, as comparison with these western star maps will show. The forewarning of such an event was therefore imperative so people could gather to shout, strike gongs, and scare away the dragon.

When the high officials let their interests prevail over public interest, the moon goes astray toward north or south.
It is held on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month when the moon is said to be at its largest, roundest, and brightest of the year.
Xiao Hao’s father says that his biggest wish is for his son to lose weight in a healthy manner.
The first expansion pack, called China Rising, takes place in China and includes several BF2 maps remade for BF4.
There are a wide variety of text presentations, practice materials, and up-to-date topics relevant to young students (ages 10 and up). It was vital that he could prove that he retained this right by predicting the movements of the sky accurately. This part of the sky has constellations such as ‘the prince’, ‘the concubine’, and ‘the throne’ and is a reflection of life on earth. It is possible that they once marked coordinates through which the moon passed during its monthly journey around Earth and served as a way of tracking the its progress. Therefore this chart shows the view you would have if you were looking up at the sky and facing towards constellations in the south. Over generations of observation, astronomers discovered a relationship we now know as the Saros cycle, a cycle in which sun, moon and earth are aligned in a particular way approximately every 18 years, 11.3 days. When the moon is rash, it is because the prince is slow in punishing; when the moon is slow, it is because the prince is rash in punishing.
The shape of the moon is said to represent completeness and perfection and its celebration is an important family occasion each year. One Buddhist jataka – stories about the Buddha in his earlier lives – tells that he was once a hare and sacrificed himself to the god Indra who was suffering from hunger. Those who want to lose weight can come find me, I’ll teach everyone how to lose fat for free.
Rather, it should be 3 meals every day of vegetables and half a bowl of rice, and only meat once a week! And what the fuck is stuck to that boy’s forehead in the dining hall, classroom and naptime photos?
Attention is paid to careful pacing for gradual progress in language skills, with clearly focused aims for each unit, regular consolidation, and consistent reinforcement. His astronomers were therefore expected to watch the sky very carefully and they kept accurate records of the movements of the stars and planets, recording events such as Halley’s comet and various eclipses of the sun and moon. If they failed to predict an event like an eclipse then the emperor’s power might appear diminished and political rivals could take it as an opportunity to rebel. However, later the mansions were used rather to measure the coordinates of celestial bodies along the equator in the Chinese system. Although they were defeated, their names were given as a mark of respect to the heavenly constellations. This enabled them to predict solar and lunar eclipses with some accuracy but it was not an infallible system.
As thanks for his selflessness, Indra then immortalised the hare by placing his image on the moon for all to see. The language materials are presented in fun and interesting ways, with highly attractive and colorfully designed pages. When dynasties fell, it was therefore believed that Heaven had directly intervened to give the responsibility of rule – or mandate - to a more worthy line. Many of the most important Chinese constellations are situated within these twenty-eight mansions. Each constellation is also associated with an animal, and also with a particular day of the lunar cycle. In Book 1, the young student will learn about Greetings, Family Members, Personal Introductions, Numbers and Dates, Countries and Languages, Occupations and Work Places, Modes of Transport, Telling Time, and more.
The job of royal astronomer therefore carried both huge responsibility for informing important political decisions, and severe penalties for mistakes. It is believed that when the moon moves through these constellations on their designated days, fortunes relating to auspicious and inauspicious activities for the day should be observed.
Documentation about this event dates it as the earliest recorded eclipse in history but it also tells us about the fate of the court astronomers Xi ? and He ? who failed to predict it in advance. These associations are well documented in popular Chinese books and help advise people which days will prove the best for important plans such as marriage, burial, the watering of crops or the building of houses. Given the belief that such celestial events reflected events on earth and should be predicted by the emperor, complete accuracy was expected of court astronomers, and failure meant only one fate – execution.

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