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Today, we’re going to learn about Law of the Normal, and the corresponding OTK that can be performed with the card! So, the key concept behind Law of the Normal is to use some of the weakest, unpopular cards in the game to confuse and frustrate our opponent, until we can explode, and crush him in a blaze of power! Activate Triangle Power to increase the attack of all your Lv 1 monsters by 2000 points [N.B.
Human-Wave Tactics is an important card, for the same reason as Enchanting Fitting Room: They both let you burn through your deck, searching for Normal Monsters, increasing the odds of drawing Triangle Power or The Law of the Normal next turn.
The key low level support, Enchanting Fitting Room, Tri-Wight and Human-Wave Tactics have great swarming potential in other decks too. Law of the Normal OTK is at heart, a slow deck, and that does make it difficult to use in the game today.
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Please pay attention to the way you address your colleagues and, try to be as clear as possible in your answers, so others can benefit from your ideas. The win condition of the deck is to combine the effects of Triangle Power and The Law of the Normal to inflict 10000+ points of damage to our opponent and win.
Tactics is very useful, because it stops our opponent from gaining card advantage through battle.
Use them to summon low ranked Xyz Monsters, like Gachi Gachi Gantetsu or Number 83: Galaxy Queen, or make quick synchro summons using Flamvell Guard or Water Spirit as tuners. But, even while crippled with immobility, coming completely out of the blue does have some major advantages. Fill in the form with your personal information or with information about your institution.
The Rotisserie application will send you a confirmation email to the address you specified in the previous form. Using the “Confirmation Key” provided in the confirmation email, type in your new password and select the “Activate Password” button. Once you have created an account and logged into the Rotisserie as a registered participant, search for the Copyright for Librarians course project. After having proceeded with these steps, you will be part of the assignment and discussion activities of the course. When you receive the Rotisserie email, you should click on the link that was sent to you in the body of the email, wait for a browser window to open on your screen, then login to the Rotisserie website, and type the answer to the question you receive.

If you fail to answer any of the discussion topics within the stipulated period of time, your answers will not be part of the discussion. The remainder of the deck is based on getting 5 LV 2 or lower Normal Monsters onto the field as quickly as possible. If you double up, every time a monster is destroyed by battle, We get to summon 2 in it’s place.
Tri-Wight also has uses in an Ojama deck, being able to quickly set up Ojama Delta Hurricane!! I mean, how do you even side against a deck that just sits and waits, until it OTKs you with Bunilla of all cards?
Even if you activate it on your opponent’s end phase, you still get to search, so go for it! Cheap to build, and easy to run, give Law of the Normal OTK a chance the next time you’re feeling bored.
Dark Hole will usually hurt your opponent more than you, the majority of you traps are for stalling, and Tri-Wight replaces Monster Reborn.

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