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Hello Readers, We frequently add new circuit diagrams, so do not forget to come back often.
This circuit will respond your needs did well – Due to this circuit is very simple with the IC-LM323K (or LM123 or LM223) only one. Make can take volt can reach about 15V maintain one’s position voltage be stable 12V well. He did use an external battery, but the size 5 volts not had to modify the battery lead acid 12 volts reduced pressure down to the 5 volts.OR other case.
But the can supply 5V fixed output voltage, and can be connected load current up to 3 Amp.(If you not can buy this IC or want easy circuit with more transistor please read down)How it works.

And change the integrated circuit LM309 for regulate about 5V for apply to Digital Circuit general get.
It’s like if you have voltage 5 volt 3amp power supply 12V directly from the battery, then it must have a lower voltage to 5V and a current sufficient.
Which we have C1 is the current filter smoothly -Then IC1-LM323K is used to It is used to maintain a constant voltage 5V.
This circuit can meet the demand of friends get , by it uses normal electronic part and have 7805 integrated circuits perform to control Voltage 5V Regulate alone it gives current get just 1A.
Because the equipment seeks easy , build not difficult too.Application I have old GPS, usually I use it in my car.

In installing the IC1, be careful not to input or an output short circuit with the heat sink is strictly prohibited.

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