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This is the circuit diagram of 5V DC regulated power supply which featured with short circuit protection system.
And if it is, would I be able to replace the two transistors with ones that can withstand currents up to 1A? Assuming IL in Amps as it should be, the BC547 has CE current of 0.05 Amp for comfortable operation.
There are 2 kind of output that are regulated 5V DC with short circuit protection and without circuit protection.

When the 5V DC output from regulator IC 7805 is available, transistor BC547 conducts through resistors R1 and R3 and LED1. I need to know the current output capabilities of the short circuit protected power supply.
The main circuit is protected from any damage due to short-circuit in the additional power supply circuit by cutting off the derived supply voltage.
The green LED (LED2)? lows to indicate the same, while the red LED (LED1) remains off due to the presence of the same voltage at both of its ends.

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