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If more than 400mA current is supposed to be taken from the circuit, fit a heat sink to the 7805 IC. H Jha for low current application you can use capacitor in place of transformer like LED lights etc. Pls,why do u have to use a 0.01uf filter at the input and output of the ic?cant that 47uf do d filtering? Hi Rabo electrolytic capacitors are wound capacitors hence they have a series inductance component included into their circuit(refer to equivallent circuits of capacitors). Hi Rabo As the wound capacitors contain inductive component, for low frequency they may decouple effectively but as the frequency increases decoupling will become ineffective due to the inductance of the capator is present to take care a non inductive 0.1uF ceramic disc capacitors are added in parallel with the electrolytic capacitors.
Hi Kumardeep For a full wave rectifier you require at least 2200uF per Amp of load and will be the best for least ripple at higher load currents.
Internal protection circuitry includes reversebattery protection, current limiting, thermal limiting and reverse-current protection.

LTspice® IV is a powerful, fast and free simulation tool, schematic capture and waveform viewer with enhancements and models for improving the simulation of switching regulators. To explore other ready to run LTspice demonstration circuits, please visit our Demo Circuits Collection.
The IC has features such as safe operating area protection, thermal shut down, internal current limiting which makes the IC very rugged. The device is capable of supplying 250mA of output current with a dropout voltage of 400mV. The delay between regulated output level and fl ag indication is programmable with a single capacitor. Output currents up to 1A can be drawn from the IC provided that there is a proper heat sink.
Designed for use in battery-powered or high voltage systems, the low quiescent current (65µA operating) makes the LT3013B an ideal choice.

Present, a computer become the electric appliance power needed for every home Because there are very useful. Many of the neighbors gave me an old computer always to make the projects.-The first thing I like to use is the power, even if old but powerful, durable and works great. When see the circuit will think use the integrated circuit IC TL494 power supply circuit be pillar equipment.

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