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After building half a dozen transmitters from the plans and kits here, there and everywhere, I finally broke down and bought a SStran 3000 last month. I finished the SStran 3000 last night and was feeding it Big Band music through a Panasonic (walkman type) portable CD player. Can anyone steer me in the right direction as to what components I might use and how to arrange them to get 4.5 volts DC to power up this thing??? Or you could make your life a lot simpler, and go to the Radio Shack for a 4.5VDC (or universal) wall wart that can serve up enough amps to power the thing. I would recommend the wall warts from Radio Shack as they are all regulated power supplies.
Go find yourself one of those older linear type computer power supplies that puts out five volts at an amp or more. I understand that you might want to throw something together using parts on hand, after all that's part of the fun.
Something like a 6 volt filament transformer with a full wave bridge rectifier followed by several thousand mfd. But unless you already have all this stuff, I agree that you would be better off just purchasing an appropriate 4.5 volt supply and be done. To the rest of ya kill joys, yep I could go buy a universal power supply from RS but that ain’t no fun. You want to mix both channels together, probably the easiest way is to use isolation resistors of 10K to 100K in series with the R and L outputs, then connect the other end of both resistors to the hot side of the input on the transmitter. Re: LM317, if you can't find schematic in one of your books for hookup (very simple, uses fixed resistor or pot to set voltage out) I'm sure that the spec sheet for that device has a sample hookup for it. Let me know if you need any parts to build a variable power supply, I have a gazillion of everything to build a power supply including wall warts (not 4.5vdc).

The 4v wall wart that I first tried measured roughly 5.5v unloaded but would not drive the CD player. Denny- what you are seeing is the effect of not having much regulation in the power supply.
The circuit using the LM-317 will regulate the voltage at what it is set for and as long as the current drawn from the supply does not cause it to go out of regulation, the voltage will remain constant with or without the load.
Remember, when you rectify and filter AC you will get approx the AC voltage from the transformer times 1.414 to get the DC output. You should not have a hum problem, just use a 1000uF capacitor or larger plus don't forget the 1uF on the output of the LM317. LM7805 is a 5 volt fixed voltage regulator IC but it can also be used to make a adjustable power supply circuit. I went through a set of batteries (2-AA) while adjusting and finishing the assembly and another set during supper. I got out the Archer (RS) book, “Building Power Supplies” and that dint help, then grabbed another half dozen hobby project books and they dint help, and I, need, help!!! I understand that to put a power supply together I will need a xformer, a rectifier and a filter. I imagine the device's current draw is specified somewhere, you just have to get one bigger than that.
There should be a basic regulated power supply circuit in just about any of the electronic handbooks. I've been looking for a simple generic circuit that I could put together to power up small projects like this for a while. You would need an input voltage approximetely 40 volts to the LM317 to get the full output of 37 volts.

What I’m looking for are some values and ranges that would work together that I might dig out of my inventory. If you only use one channel of stereo either R or L, it won't sound right on most source material.
Remember, the higher voltage transformer you use, the hotter the LM317 will get as it has to dissapate the excess voltage.
I see that the range I can expect to get out of a LM317 controlled power supply is 1.5v to 22v.
So far they last 30-32 cds in a portable walkman and should last for years since they get used. This is very similar to the universal PS that I use to power other projects, is this the range of the LM317?
If you feel tired it, want to try to create a circuit with IC or a transistor is interesting. Since I’m going to put it all in a vented box on a shelf in the basement I thought it might be nice to throw together a power supply from the junk box. And if I don’t have the right transformer or component I also have a Rat Shack a mile down the road. As already mentioned, you can now add a diode in series with the output to get down around 4.5 volts, or if you want adjustable output use the LM317T rather than the 7805.

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