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We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. We have been serving the Mustang Hobby for over 30 years by providing quality parts with great service and reasonable prices. The other version of the upper alternator mounting bracket features the C8OZ-10156-A number along with the correct Ford oval stamping. Please note that unfortunately, the C5 version of the upper bracket is not available at this time. We also still have both our generic (non-stamped) alternator mounting bracket sets in black or chrome. We also have the seat button kits for the 71-73 Grande and Deluxe Seats - part number ST-7481. We also still have the hood latch safety catch in either a black painted version (part number EG-623), or the polished stainless steel version (part number EG-6231). Our show quality Mustang open element chrome air cleaner assemblies feature a correct chrome lid, correct reproduction air filer and correct base.

Our Chrome Air Cleaner Assemblies are very popular items, and we often get several questions about these parts.
Both of these styles come with a very nice chrome plated top lid that is very, very close in configuration to the original air cleaner lid. Our EG-124 Chrome Air Cleaner has the blue base with the nipple for the hose the runs to the oil filler cap. The base on our EG-145 Mustang chrome air cleaner assembly does not have the nipple for the oil cap hose.
Our personal preference when restoring a Mustang is to only duplicate the Paint OK stampings that are originally found.
Taillight Housing for 1965-1966 Mustang.New taillight housings can brighten up your taillight lights and brake lights, improving both safety and appearance. LED Taillight Conversion Kit For 1971-1973 Mustang.LEDs are 2-3X's brighter than bulbs and don't just look better, they're SAFER! Show-N-Go Retractable License Plate Holder, Motorized.An innovative new product that allows for a push button operation to retract & stow the license plate or to pull it out & swing up into the display position.

Custom for 1965, these durable license plate frames feature chrome plated die cast metal and official logos.
64) K code Mustangs had a dual exhaust system that utilized two resonators that looked like mufflers and a single transverse muffler. Uses a stainless steel torsion spring that retains the mount in the stowed position & causes it to flip up when pulled out.
Means the wiring plugs into the back of the housing rather than the wiring pigtail being integral with the housing.

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