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The good news is that as a retired educator of 32 years, I have enjoyed many, many amusing moments. Another favorite memory of that era involved a frustrated cornet player in one of the younger bands.
Speaking of tryouts, these students also had rules for challenges whereby one could improve his seating by challenging (and beating) the person immediately ahead of him. This same group was in the 7th grade when my son was born, prematurely, weighing just 2 lb. The good news is that as a retired educator of 32 years, I have enjoyed many, many amusing moments.A  The bad news, of course, is that I can remember so few of them!A  Ia€™ll attempt to jog the old memory banks and see what falls out.

Bagley’s 6th grade class showed their creativity last week, presenting projects based on their summer reading.
Understanding what you read is one thing, but what if an author doesn't tell you everything you need to know?
Tune, your socks are not congruent!a€?A  He was correct.A  I had donned one blue and one black sock that morning. Using story details to draw conclusions is an important part of comprehension, and helps hone critical thinking skills. Help your third grader practice this skill by completing five brief stories with a logical ending.

Antonia explained, “She survived by remembering and using the things her Dad had taught her. Tune this isi?? from everyone in the 7th Grade band except John Doe*.a€? (*The name has been changed to protect the guilty.

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