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PB-1 is worldwide voltage compatible (nominal line voltage from 100V to 230V) by connecting the mains cable (attached to the packet) with a connector appropriate for a given country.
PB-1 has no typical mains transformer which generates electromagnetic field interferences received by other devices situated near to it (e.g. Persons with qualifications and experiences in electrotechnics can prepare by themselves cables which are shown below. Here is the circuit diagram of a battery eliminator circuit that can be used as a replacement for 9V PP3 batteries. Sir, do you have a simple electronic circuit diagram for (NVH) Noise Vibration Harness tools? Dear Sir , i need help by asking , have car stero battery eliminator 6 amp ,12amp ,,,,can i charge a car battery with it ?
Hi Anish PP3 is 9volt energizer pack – layer battery with snap on connectors, used in most digital multimeters.

This 9.6 volt DC Power Supply will power all Line 6 Tone Core Mini-Stomp Pedals, Pocket POD, and Pocket POD Express units.
It has eight full galvanically separated outputs which enable to built professional guitar systems without ground loops and crosstalks. PB-1 could be fix as well in a pedalboard as in a Rack systems using the GLAB 1U RMS FRONT PANEL. The transformer T1 steps down the mains voltage and bridge D1 performs the job of rectification. By this circuit can give Voltage go out about 12V, depend on Zener diode or ZD1 usual use 12V values thus. The Power Supply does not generate the hum even if it is placed close to the other effects (especially Wah Wahs having inductors). Showing polarization, energy flow and voltages makes easier to organize the pedalboard and reduce the likehood of effects’ damage caused by faulty connection.

The value of R1, R2 and R3 are so selected that the output voltage of IC1 will be steady 9 volts. They add some component to circuit.Power Supply Voltage Adapter for Car by 2N3055A car voltage generally is 12 Volts.
Even the circuit is design for a car apppliance, it does not seem it can’t be used for another purpose. Gary March 24, 2015 I need simple voltage regulation circuit for 12-V lead acid charging.

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