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In the past it was the, “The Chronicles of Narnia” and The Lord of the Rings and its prelude the Hobbit. Harry Potter is an orphan boy who lives with his aunt, uncle and cousin, who don’t treat him very well. Eragon goes out hunting in the Spine, a place in the mountains, where very few humans venture into. Later Eragon has to flee from his village as the Ra’zac come looking for the egg and they destroy his family and his house. Eragon by Christopher Paolini is an adventure packed book, which has many interesting characters like Elves, Dragons, Dwarves, etc.
It’s World War II and brothers and sisters Lucy, Susan, Peter and Edmund are evacuated from London and are sent to Professor Digory Kirk’s country house in the country side. On one of these explorations Lucy enters a wardrobe and discovers the secret magical world Narnia. 12 year old Artemis Fowl kidnaps a fairy and decides to hold her as ransom for a lot of gold which will help get rid of his family’s troubles.
Sign up to have our latest blog posts emailed to your inbox and get my book 'Living With Ogres' for Free. Before we get started building you back, it should be made clear that if your body fat is too high to see definition, no amount of muscle building is going to get you an anatomy book back.
There’s a lot of overlap in what muscles these movements involve, but each has a bit of a different emphasis.

The Action: Pulling towards your torso with the line of force perpendicular to your torso (or nearly so).
The Instructions: Actively think about pulling your scapulae (shoulder blades) together and down when you row. The Payoff: Massive engagement of the mid-back muscles (rhomboids, middle trapezius, etc) mostly those which retract the scapulae (Remember what I said about pulling them together? The Action: Pulling towards your torso with the line of force parallel to your torso (or nearly so). The Payoff: These pulls focus more on your latissimus dorsi, large fan-shaped muscles which run down the sides of your back.
The Action: Lifting something straight arm, generally from the floor, using the hips and back. They always take you into this beautiful unique place which makes things appear more beautiful and it makes us want to visit it. If you’re a fan of fantasy you should read this book as it’s filled with magic and battles. This is a huge house and it gets the restless kids curious so they spend their time exploring it. So he sets off on his vacation, but before leaving he leaves one of his possessions, a ring with is nephew Frodo.
What he doesn’t know is that this fairy he kidnaps is a part of a police force and his troubles begin as the police start to chase him and he’s got to escape them.

He later finds out about his parents, his legacy and he’s invited to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft to learn to be a wizard.
Once you start reading the books you will not be able to stop yourself from flipping the pages. She eventually proves it by taking them there and a world full of unique creatures opens up to them. Many years later he returns to the Shire and then he and his nephew Frodo have a big discussion about the ring.
It’s a little violent at some parts, but these violent parts are nullified by some of the funny parts.
Frodo finds out that the evil Sauron, The Dark Lord of Mordor is looking for it, as it will make him stronger. The most interesting part is that the protagonist is an anti-hero and for some reason you will really end up liking him.
From here on unimaginable and breathtaking adventures lie ahead for him and the friends he meets here.

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